How to configure HDMI?

How to configure HDMI?

HDMI-output (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is necessary for the transmission of high quality digital signal.It is used for video and sound broadcasting.So, HDMI, how to configure it?First, a little preface.I must say that almost all personal computers equipped with graphics output as the HDMI, in addition, HDMI is quite common even on the notebook models, which use the standard built-in graphics card.Let us, for a start, we will try to explore the possibilities of your video adapter.In that case, if your graphics card will not have an HDMI output, you can use the channel DVI or VGA applying a special adapter, which is also called a connector DVI-HDMI.Adapters such feature - the ability to transmit a sound signal.

How to configure a TV via HDMI?To configure HDMI you need instruction on the TV to which you will connect, which will be written specifications.Always make sure that the HDMI input is designed to receive sound.To connect to a TV, you will need only type of cable HDMI-HDMI, one end of which is to be inserted into the computer's graphics card, and the other will need to be inserted into the TV connector.If you need to monitor and television work at the same time, you will need to enable this function as synchronous operation of these devices.

Synchronous operation devices

you need to do to open the "Start" menu and go to "Control Panel" (you can go in there and any way you want).Next, you need to select the "Display" and go to the option "Adjust screen resolution."In the resulting dialog box, you will need to activate this function as "Duplicate screen."From this point, the computer will send the same image on all devices connected to the video card.If you have a need for both displays started to work separately from each other, you need to activate the mode "To expand the screen."In this case, you will need to pre-assign the main computer display device.

How to set up sound through HDMI?To configure HDMI you need to adjust the audio signal.To accomplish these things effect, open the "Control Panel" and click on the option "Hardware and Sound"."Manage audio devices" Then you choose.a dialog box appears on the screen, which will need to tab "Manage audio devices".Well, here you need to "HDMI Output".Click on its icon on the left mouse button, put the "Default".

Now you need to click on the "Apply" button and close to the "audio devices" dialog box.Further, as a check, it will be necessary to run a video clip and make sure that the output and an HDMI cable are working correctly.It is worth noting that if you turn off the hdmi cable is a standard audio port will switch on automatically.How to set up the HDMI cable?As you could see, the HDMI-output is fairly simple to set up, and for this you do not need any special knowledge.I almost forgot to tell you about what kind of HDMI-cable is better and which is selected for further long daily use.

cable types

HDMI cables come in two types: with support for high-resolution, as well as with support for HDTV resolutions.Also worth mention a theme in advance the length of the wires and take into account that the length can vary from 1 to 10 meters;but do not forget that the longer the cable, the greater the likelihood that there will be a signal loss.In this regard, some manufacturers have formed that offer so-called "active" HDMI-cable with different technologies that can be used to transmit data over long distances.When you buy a cable, be sure to pay on your wire, as well as on its connectors.