As money has become the money?

As money has become the money?

Money was not always the case.They were replaced by barter at a certain stage of development of economic relations.While in times of barter, money did not exist, the need for universal humanity sharing are tested.Initially, in the role money played the most tradable commodities, which was available in sufficient quantities and for a long time stored.

As the first money?

For example, the ancient Ethiopians were calculated salt Aztecs - cocoa beans, and the islanders of Nauru was used in this rat.Widespread cowrie shells - the first international currency.Accepted as an exchange unit in China, they are properly performed its function well in Africa, Thailand and India.Due to the long

barter formulated certain requirements for money:

  1. They do not have to come into disrepair during prolonged storage and transfer from hand to hand.
  2. They are quite easy to carry around, and even a small amount should be enough to buy the necessary things.
  3. Even when divided by the smallest units of their total value does not decrease.

Thus, the role of money gradually transferred metals.Initially, it could be metal items: arrowheads, nails and other utensils.But over time, it began to appear specially molded banknotes - hammered coins.Ease of use defined their rapid spread.

greatest popularity to win the gold.In addition to convenient public physical properties, such as: long-term storage, a light division, and transportation;Gold has unique characteristics - limited in nature.

evolution: how money has become the money?

soon from the general class of traders began to be allocated class.It stepped up its trade turnover and more affluent are faced with the fact that to carry metallic money becomes too difficult.In large quantities, they accounted for a considerable weight and occupy a place where it would be possible to place goods.Then some enterprising people began to negotiate with other enterprising people and leave their money deposited, and in return receive a written commitment.Any person presenting such a document could get the money back.Thus it appeared the first bank and the first paper money - "written promise".

Another reason for the appearance of paper money - the lack of metal for the production of coins.Mining of gold, silver and copper depend on the state of the mining industry, which could not develop on their own, but only in close association with other economic sectors.But the money (metal) is clearly not enough for the overall development.

Then, in 960, to replace the money is not particularly caught on in the skins of beasts came new - on paper.They were called "flying money" because they were much easier to metal coins.Saved in this way copper is allowed for other needs.In Europe, paper money became widely used only in the XVIII century, and in the XIX century spread around the world and take a leading position as a medium of exchange.

This is a brief history of how some money - specific product, which is used to carry out the exchange between the actors of economic relations.