How to live without money ?

How to live without money ?

In conditions of the crisis the question of how to go on living without money, rose very sharply.But it can be set in several different ways: How to get the money?How to save money?and how to live without money?Depending on how you ask this question, and accordingly it is necessary to seek a solution.

How quickly get money

  • Almost every city has a job for which pay is not much, but at once - promoter worker, husband for an hour (plumber, locksmith, etc.).Such work can even try to combine with the main, if you already have such jobs can be found a lot in any newspaper advertisement.
  • You can sell your products or what you are doing - for example, you are good at computers or well-knit socks, quickly type text or a good translation, ask your friends, do not need Do them your services for a small fee, ask to transfer their friends andso further along the chain.
  • Take a loan - it is better with friends rather than a bank.Take a small amount, only necessary because it will be easier to return them later.
  • Hand over the blood - it is a way for physically healthy people, so you might get a little money, juice and chocolate and you can help someone who is worse than you or even save someone's life.

How to save money

How to live without money, if you have very little.

  • not buy food at the supermarket and in the market or in the proven retail store.In supermarkets often in the price included a percentage of money due to theft, rent, and other other other markups, besides, everything is arranged so that consumers spend more money and buy what they do not need.If you are confident in the supermarket and you know that the prices are the lowest - take it from a list, it will not buy too much, and thus save money.
  • Give what you can do yourself, what is there is no urgent need - go on foot, eat at home, prepare it yourself.

If there is no money at all: action

How to live without money, if not at all, and there is nowhere to take.

  • Almost every house has stocks of food - pasta, cereals, jams, and if they do not, you can borrow from neighbors wad of rolled oats, particularly good fate is for the residents of student dormitories, there in different periods of almost all are in this position and wellthey know how to live without money, so willing to help, because they know what it is.Walk on the floor (possibly together with a friend) and ask each room a little bit, students experience shows that it is possible to gather up on soup and breakfast and eat it for several days.
  • favor of free services - many cafes have wi-fi, in training centers for hairdressers regularly need models for a hairstyle and manicure (possible quality is not top notch, but still just a haircut there quietly as possible).
  • Free food - in shops and supermarkets you can sometimes find products, or slightly late or just not sold on the day.After the closure of the tents on the market, sellers may forget that some of the vegetables or fruits.If you were doing very bad, find out where in the city free feed disadvantaged, mostly those involved with churches or activists of various social movements.
  • Find someone who will pay for you.The process may not be very honest, and more attractive for women, however, you can go on a date, do not promise a man instead, to tell him to talk and eat in peace.
  • apply to the Company social support, where you can give specific advice relevant to the place where you live;perhaps even render material assistance.

Even if in front of you there is a question how to live without money, more importantly, not to give up and do not despair, no matter how difficult your situation.There are always people who can help you, the main thing to find them.Cheer up and believe in themselves, and all you will be fine.