How to set up a sewing machine ?

How to set up a sewing machine ?

Despite the fact that you can buy your favorite thing in any store, there is still a need sometimes to get yourself anything.Not always find the right style, and sometimes size.Fortunately, that every house have a sewing machine.Often, this is not a new model, and a rarity, since the time remaining deficits.

ability to make something always, and especially before it was considered a major skill masters.And if you decide to do sewing, you should keep in mind the rules of operation of sewing machines.Especially if it's the same age as your grandparents.Basically, this type of machines have a foot or hand-operated, when the movement of the sewing head is carried out by force of hands or feet.In this article we will look at how to set up a sewing machine electric and manual.

Setting the sewing machine Seagull

not start to lead the line, not omitting pre foot and needle.Handle turn only towards you.Lubricate the sewing machine need only specialized oil.Only in this way can guarantee the correct operation of the mechanism.Stitching need only those tissues that are suitable for each of the types of stitches.Otherwise it will damage the needle, and the machine will stop sewing.

in how to set up a sewing machine treadle Seagull, too, no big deal.To this end, the cover folds, and the sewing head is mounted on hinges.Sami hinges fixed with screws.The visor is fastened with screws, after which the valve is closed.On valve lowers the sewing head.Through a hole in the visor belt is threaded and tucked into the drive wheel and flywheel.Single and stroke switch turning friction washers.

important thing is how to set up a sewing machine of this type is the correct installation of the needle and thread.By turning niteprityagatel handle should be turned to its highest position.Inserted the needle in the needle holder up to the stop, always rotated with the flat side to the rod foot.

needle screw is twisted, then niteprityagatel placed in the top position for the extraction of the coil core.In his set of thread reel.The thread is passed through the needle and friction washers.Then niteprityagatel inserted into and fixed in the thread guide of the machine head and the needle holder.

The thread is passed through the needle eye and the lower thread is tucked into the lower compartment - wound on the bobbin.The bobbin is inserted into the cap, after which the thread is threaded into the hole, and the cap is inserted back into place.machine handle is rotated to thread tension, after which both strands tucked under the foot.Now you are ready to sew.

Setting machines Podolsk

This type of machine also has a foot or hand drive.Although, at times, and it can be equipped with an electric drive.One of the advantages of the machine is its ability to sew thick and dense tissue.To make the machine last longer, as there are a number of rules of its operation and configuration.

The main thing to remember before you set up a sewing machine Podolsk, this complexity of the installation of the needle blade.The blade should be turned to the left, asthe shuttle takes off the thread with a needle on the right.If you need to replace the needle, it should be remembered that the saw cut bulb pointing to the left.The yarn is tucked inside the machine on the right.Also, before you adjust the manual sewing machine, all moving parts are removed.Mounts are checked and, if necessary, tightened or loosened.

Lubricate the machine must be very carefully digging sewing machine oil to all moving parts and fixtures.Lubricating the handle is its scroll to distribute oil evenly.But do not overdo it, and that oil droplets can then get to the tissue.

main thing is grease - a manual transmission and nuts.Becausethis is the most moving part of the machine.Wooden handle must be firmly fixed.Otherwise, it should razvaltsevat hammer put on a metal surface.It should only be done if you are confident in their skills.

To have the machine did not arise so-called"Varnish effect", is to lubricate the machine only specialized oil.Moreover, this should be done regardless of how often you use the machine.To prevent faults to lubricate machine parts is with a certain periodicity.Also, keep the machine must be in a special case and a place protected from the sun and dust.

If the machine stops working due to neglect of the rules for storage, then unscrew all moving parts and lubricate them thoroughly.Allow the machine to stand as a day, and then collect it and check that, having tested on a small piece of used cloth.

for proper sewing thread must be the right move and the tensioner.The thread should extend freely in the raised position the foot.To achieve this, you need to unscrew the adjusting nut and remove the washer.It is necessary to ensure that within the washer has a pusher strand.The washer has a jumper that can be a little push a screwdriver or pliers.