How do you get to repay the debt ?

How do you get to repay the debt ?

Currently, many people are forced to borrow.However, not everyone is trying to be honest and to return the money on time.We offer to find out how to get the person to repay the debt.

Judicial intervention

If you long to return a large sum of money and direct solicitations to give back to not work, it is necessary to go to court.It is a long, but absolutely civilized way.If a person has taken a receipt, then return the debt will be much easier.You will need the following paper:

  • claim in 2 copies;
  • IOU and its copy;
  • receipt on payment of state duty.

With this package of documents necessary to address the court at the place of residence of the debtor.There, with the help of bailiffs will help you to repay the debt is legitimate.

You can also contact the collection agency, but need to know that it will require from you some money.


refuse to help his friend and did not give him a loan, when the person in need is very, very difficult.Therefore, people do not hesitate to give their money, completely forgetting about the folk wisdom: if you want to lose a friend - give him a loan.If you do not mess with his holite debtor relationship, you should refer to the white magic.

Special plots will help to return the desired, and people do not even know.However, before making a conspiracy, a few times, ask the debtor to return the money.Perhaps he really is absolutely no way to do it, and you should give him a reprieve.

Rite with a broom

If a person does not want to give money, or even hiding from you, try this method.Take two brooms, one must be new and the other old and tacky.A good broom mark a debtor threshold and uttered the words: "Good Meta broom - sweeping, his money to his sweeps!"Then sweep the threshold of old, toss a few dirty door sticks, and said: "Thin broom near the house left to sleep did not allow to think about me tortured debtor, but other people's money from home are gone!"

Then you can safely go home, because in a month the money back into your hands.

Rite Match

Take a new box of matches and set fire to one of the flame of the candle.Set on fire the matches have to be placed on an empty saucer, so that they can burn out themselves.During all the action, try speaking the following words: "Fire - fire, help get to repay That servant of God (name) thought so woeful torment tortured until all me, he will not give up to get me out soon!"

Ashes from burnt matches to collect the empty boxes and stored as long as the debtor does not give you the money.
If the debtor after the conspiracy back your money, be sure to mentally thank this man and think about him something good.So you put off your anger and neutralize the negative consequences of the action of the plot.

Even more information about the cash return from an article you will learn How to repay the debt.