How to play the stock market ?

How to play the stock market ?

Many Internet users are now thinking about how to use the global web to improve their financial well-being.One of the most popular and highly successful way of strengthening financial prosperity - this is the game on the stock exchange.How to play the stock market?This is the question asked by now hundreds of Internet users.How to start playing on the stock exchange and in the shortest possible time to obtain financial income?In order to deal with the question "How to play on the stock exchange?" And "How to Play the Forex exchange?", You must first define the notion of what constitutes a real stock exchange.

Stock Exchange in its essence - is the stock market.This Stock Exchange is the main organizer of trade in securities.As an organizer of the stock exchange can be a legal entity.This person must be registered as a joint stock company or NGO (non-profit organization).

One of the main purposes of the stock market is to attract funds through the issuance of shares or bonds.Money attracts as commercial organizations, and foundations.Sometimes the issue of financial stocks and bonds and produce the state.

How to learn to play the

Exchange learned to play on the stock exchange, various schools and training centers.At the same time, gambling is necessary to study only direct bidders.Among the bidders are - different investment and brokerage company.Such companies also have their own interest as well as participants of such courses is often open their own expense.Of the advantages of playing at the stock exchange can be identified: the ability to work remotely, do not depend on the authorities.In the stock market, it all depends on you, on your ability and willingness to make.Of course, all the financial losses that you may suffer, too, is entirely borne by you.

basic terms of stock market game are as follows:

  • Volatility - the maximum number of fluctuations in price with the most probable Ranch.
  • Ranch is the difference between the minimum and the maximum value of quotes.
  • Liquidity - the ability to turn paper into money.
  • Short - income from the sale
  • Long - income from the purchase
  • Hedge.Hedges - is a way to reduce the risks of the securities portfolio, due to the inclusion of the asset.
  • Scalping - a trading strategy that is based on taking profits with small fluctuations of the market.
  • Offera - it is a scam, which is based on taking the decision to enter the market for a long position (offer to purchase).
  • Pose - this is the position
  • Depot - a deposit
  • turkey - it
  • indicator Moose - stop-loss (classic)
  • Market Maker - the participant with the transaction market of 5 million $
  • Money Management -. Is a managementdepot
  • cable - British pound
  • Chief - Swiss Franc

in order to master the skills to work in the stock market, you should try yourself in the internet - trading.Buying and selling securities on the Internet - trading carried out with the help of a special program, which is installed on a home or office computer.

A separate gambling should start with small investments - about $ 1,000.To date, the amount of the minimum lot in Russia is limited to 10000 - 40000 rubles.One of the most recent developments in global financial markets - is an international foreign exchange market «Forex».

In "Forex" financial market does not "play" and "work" or "doing business."This is not a game of chance, but a real work based on mathematical models.Your earnings in the stock market depends on your knowledge and skills.To work on the Russian MICEX currency exchange (or "forex" or other exchange), first of all, it should connect to the dealing center.To do this, you need to use the Internet, or register on a special website (such as Alpari).Next, you should download a special program for gambling (MetaTrader - 4) or another program, and then install it on your computer.

After that, you must have a special account in the Dealing Center site.It is from this account and will be carried out all the bids (real) or demonstrative (demo account).Professional players in the stock markets is recommended to start with a demo account with virtual money.Thus, you will be able to accumulate some experience in playing the online exchanges.

After that, run the program "Metatrader".The program will automatically connect you to the Exchange.Next, you can start to trade any currency on the exchange.The main thing is to correspond to the amount of money available in your account.

For example, you have 3000 rubles.If necessary, on the stock exchange, you can purchase any currency at the exchange up to that amount.In addition, you may need to "leverage" (transactions greater than your deposit).Thanks to "leverage", you can buy the currency to 100 times more than your deposit.If the deposit of 3000 rubles, a leverage of 1 to 100 will help you to buy the currency at 300,000 rubles.

Using leverage (margin), can be profitable to trade in the "Forex".With 10,000 rubles, your earnings may be about 3 thousand rubles per hour.Of course, there may be damages.It all depends on your ability to predict the ups and downs of exchange rates and a proper understanding of the game in the financial market.