How to connect the fan ?

How to connect the fan ?

can set the fan to eliminate extraneous odors and reduce the humidity in the toilet or in the bathroom.Due to the different installation fan since it can produce as during repair, and after it.

Possible fan

There are overhead and ducted fans.All of these different mode of installation.Ways to connect fans, there are several.You can output to a separate fan switch or connect it directly to the main coverage of the bathroom or toilet.In the second case it will operate only when the beam.In addition, current models of fans have humidity sensors.They continue their work as long as the wet and moist air will come out of the room (with a single switch only).Before purchasing a fan, the most convenient way to choose you need, how to connect the fan and, on this basis, to make a choice.So, ducted fans and fans with sensor hardly used in apartments, because they often break.In addition to these fans it is recommended to install a separate switch, which adds additional complexity to the installation process.While this switch is much more convenient.Also, before you buy you need to choose where to connect the fan.Overhead fans mounted on a suspended ceiling consisting of plastic panels, and also on the ceiling batten ventilation opening in the wall with the assembly of the corrugated tube.And the easiest way to connect the cooling fan - install it in the ventilation duct.Then it is necessary to withdraw from the ventilation pipe leads which are used to supply power to the fan itself.Route the wiring in the wall and connect it to the switch.

fan power calculation

It is not necessary to purchase a fan of large size, as well as the small fan has the necessary performance.According to the rules established by the air in the bathroom and toilet should have a ten-fold exchange of 1 hour.To calculate the fan capacity within one hour is necessary to multiply the volume of the bathroom or toilet to 10. In order to make it easier to cope with for the fan wiring work, learn step by step guide how to connect the fan in the bathroom or toilet: So, when choosing a fan mainly payattention to its power, size and performance.All these data indicated on the package.

fan Connecting

desirable to make preparations for the installation of the fan at the beginning repairs.Preparatory work is in the wiring of the electric wire to the spot where the fan (ventilation shaft) will be located.

also very convenient to be connected in parallel to the fan light fixtures.To do this, turn off the power to the grid, then take the wire to length and connect it to a wire feeding electricity to the bathroom or toilet.Note that the two wires must be made of the same material and have one section.If you do not want your fan has worked for as long as the lights on in the bathroom or toilet, you can power the fan separately.This will require to take the wire length equal to the distance from the switch to the switch box and from the ventilation shaft to the switch.After that find in the box the phase, zero and powered wire.Usually, simple fans are not polarity sensitive, but it depends on the engine installed in it.Be sure to pay attention to it, or you might not get the hood, and the air is sucked into the fan.At the end of finishing in the bathroom or the toilet, you can begin the actual installation, as well as the fan connection.Will lead the wire through the holes, then insert the fan shaft opening and secure.To attach a fan to use plastic screws and silicone sealant is perfect for tile.At the end, connect the wire and reinsert the fan guard.