How to cash a check ?

How to cash a check ?

In the West, along with credit cards and checks are still prevalent, which are of various kinds.Check - a bank cash a document which confirms that the account holder pays a certain amount of its bearer.If you want to know detailed information about the checks, see the article What's a check.

How to cash personal checks

checks that are issued as part of the Google AdSense program, are registered.These checks can be cashed in almost any bank.To do this, you need to ring up several large banks in your city and ask if they accept personal checks, which are issued to foreign bank for collection.If the answer is yes, you should specify the conditions of cashing out, for example, ask what percentage wins the pot and choose the most profitable.

most well-known bank, which offers good conditions for cashing checks is VTB 24. So, for the service the bank takes a commission of 3%, but not less than 15 dollars.It is therefore advantageous only to cash large sums.Of course, the better to clarify the information in the bank, as conditions can vary.

collection operation takes about 2 months, this applies to all banks.Validity checks - 6 months, so do not delay with the cashing, take your passport and go to the bank, where you will need to write a statement indicating all your data and information from the check.

Where else can you cash a check encashment

  • To cash this check can be both banks and other organizations that perform the procedure of cashing of personal checks.
  • Alfa Bank, Sberbank, VTB 24, Impexbank - the benefits of these banks is that it is possible to cash the check without the personal presence - through online banking.Cash a personal check, you can use the payment system EPayServices.Service accepts checks banks in the US, Asia, Canada, Europe and Latin America in dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

Travellers Cheques

To start you need to buy traveler's checks at home, calculate the national or global currency and sign on each of them.To pay by check, you can in many cafes, hotels, shops and any other place where they take traveler's checks.It is also possible to change a traveler's check for local currency.To do this, find the American Express office, or other place, where they take checks without commission.Following the link, you will find the address -

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