How to distinguish a fake money ?

How to distinguish a fake money ?

ability to recognize counterfeit banknotes - is not just a useful skill, but also personal security.In Russia, the most common object of attention of counterfeiters are banknotes in denominations of 500 rubles., 1000 rub., 5000 rubles.Therefore, we consider the grounds on which it is possible with the naked eye to see how to distinguish fake from real money.

500 rubles

  • Microperforation with the number 500. It is made smooth and always with an equal distance between two points is under the words "Ticket Bank of Russia" and is parallel to the monument to Peter 1 on the front side of the banknote.
  • emblem of the Bank of Russia.It is located to the left of the monument to Peter 1 in the upper right corner.It is a coin with the image of the coat of arms of Russia and the inscription "Bank of Russia".When you angle the color changes from brown to green-burgundy with a golden sheen.
  • monochromatic box to the left of Peter, oblique stripes appear when tilted.

1000 rubles

  • Yaroslavl Coat of tilt changes color from purple to green.Located beneath the words "ticket of the Bank of Russia."
  • As on the banknote 500 rubles, microperforation -. Smooth, neatly executed.
  • monochromatic box to the left of the monument to Yaroslav the Wise, as in the previous case, when tilted sideways contains multicolored stripes.

5000 rubles

  • emblem of the Bank of Russia.It is covered with a special varnish, by which the tilt can be observed a green shimmer.It is located on the front side in the upper left corner: the hexagon with the tabs on the sides of the arms and inside Russia.Under the coat of arms depicts the bank's name.
  • requirements for micro perforation and iridescent bands are the same as in the previous cases.
  • On the front side of the banknote depicts the far bank of the river.Amur.With increasing there can be seen a bear, tiger, fish, acronym CBR.

presented distinctive features make it clear how to distinguish real money on the false, without the use of special equipment.These elements are more difficult to counterfeit.

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