How to publish a book ?

How to publish a book ?

Literature never run its course and will always be relevant at any time.Reading among young people again coming into fashion.It is no secret that many young people try their hand at the difficult task of writing.The students - philologists, writing his poems, many try their hand at short stories, inspired by reviews on the internet and the advice of friends and a lot of guys are just trying to express themselves, they do not lack talent, and this thing they do with the soul, but they all have one thing in common - theytrying to turn his creation into a real book.

Our article is devoted to the interpretation of such a difficult case.How to publish a book, read and follow these tips.We'll tell you what you have to face, how to avoid problems.

So, you wrote the book, fully confident in its exclusivity and the future popularity of the book market.The next thing you do is likely to more than one day, it obbegat all book publishers and ask to take your book into circulation.This process is long, but not heavy, if your city has a major publishing house, you're in luck.Then it is a question in this way.You give the publisher the book, and what - the amount of money.Concludes the author's agreement.Be sure!According to the agreement, the publishing house publishes your book into circulation in an amount at which enough of your money.Then it pays you royalties (once!).Further work is publishing in advertising, placing it in their stores, and much more.If the book will be sold at 90%, the publisher agrees to return to you the amount you originally gave them the realization of the book.Therefore, we advise you to carefully do the selection of the publishing house, where to publish a book, so as not to raise any omissions.

Publisher at his own expense

The financial question is perhaps the most acute in the topic.It's not every aspiring writer rich.How much it is to publish a book?And how exactly, you will need to save up the money?The process of printing the book is not as simple as it seems at first glance.It contains these elements:

  • Print page
  • Assembling books
  • Mount
  • Preparation cover
  • Bonding cover and block
  • Packaging
  • Circulation

Each will have its own printing house prices.Differ they are only machines - manufacturers.Very rarely do books by hand, and they cost 3-4 times more expensive.The most common type of printing - risography.This device, resembling a printer that copies and prints the pages of the book of the future.As a rule, the standard black text on sheets of mediocre quality.The principle of this machine is very complex, but fast.For example, the circulation of 200 pieces will be made already 2 hours.But the money will come out too much, because the publisher pays for printer operation, printing, paint, etc.The money issue is not so important, because the money you will be able to return (for successful implementation) is not so little.

If you still aim to engage in self publishing a book, you have to understand all the nuances.Ask yourself the question: why do I publish a book, what I want to achieve this?If you want to share your feelings and emotions, share with friends manuscripts.If they think your talented book, you can start with a circulation of three thousand copies, and the conclusion of a publishing contract.Next, you need to calculate how much money you will need to release the book, or it will prompt you to have the selected publisher you.Thus, you will be able to publish the book at his own expense.Further work for proofreaders, editors, designer and printer.

Print by publishing

There are times when the young author, is not able to pay for publishing its own books and could not find a sponsor.Hence - the only chance to get the title of a writer is to try to publish a book in circulation at the expense of the publisher.This option will take more than one month.Be patient.Send your manuscript to all publishers, come to a meeting of young writers.In large publishing houses have a person who is installing the circulation of new books.Find out who it is, try to get to meet him.Do not send publishing his creation in the form of finished books, you have to get them interested.Be persistent, but not fanatical.Show publisher that you are ambitious, but understand the brunt of the labor edition of the book.Next, your goal - to show the publisher that you will be of interest to readers.Most likely, they just will publish one of your book and will be seen whether it will buy.Then ask you to send some more book material to evaluate your talent.Remember that the purpose of publishing - cash profits from your book, no matter how bad it sounds.Unlike the first version, edition of the book at his own expense, in cases of money costs only publishing house, we advise you not to speak even on payment of royalties.Because the money the publisher will come only in the case of high sales of your book, and if you start to put pressure on the money issue, it is possible to spoil relations with the right people.Publish a book at the expense of publishing is possible, but it is a delicate matter, painstaking and very long.


last thing we advise you, touches you and your talent.Do not forget that publishers are attacking the crowd "writers".And many of them go there for years.Most of their works - it copied other people's stories and novels.Or even a book on the subject of strange, illiterate content.Therefore, to adequately assess their capabilities, you have the talent available.It will prompt you to those who have already seen and read your creations.For example, relatives or friends.Fashionably also in our time, to place passages of their own works on the social networks.They see a lot of people that have a minus for the future edition, but you will know whether they want to read you.Believe that publishing workers have not seen a single person who considers himself a great writer, while his work falls short of the average.Where to publish the book as what money - important questions, but not urgent.