How to name an article ?

How to name an article ?

media daily struggle for the attention of viewers and listeners, journalists are trying to attract more readers to his work.Many new authors are wondering about how to name an article so that it drew attention.Titled the work can be different, but the prerequisite for a good title is informative.

Informative headline

correct headline should be, first of all, informative.It should reflect the essence of what is written in the article.If the article refers to the methods or ways of achieving any result, it is necessary to entitle her "10 Ways to achieve something and that something".In addition, it is worth mentioning that the title should be informative to the reader to say that reading this article it will benefit and result.To this end, the words used in the headlines as "effective", "fast", "effective", "useful".

unusual headline

subject, the meaning of which is not immediately clear to the reader, of course, attracts attention.Often, journalists are used to receiving this word game.A great way to draw the reader's attention - the so-called effect of "ruined expectations", when a person sees a familiar phrase and know what words the phrase must end, but suddenly there are new elements that completely change the meaning of what was said.An example of such reception is the title of "Wait and - and do not see what we lose sight of" or "Easily - pull!How to solve problems with simple means. "Such headlines traps work well and, along with informative captions, often reflect the essence of the article, but in a veiled manner.

Beginners first raises the question of how to write lyrics, and then certainly raises the question of making the right header.The main thing - remember that the reader important information that it receives after reading the article, and not just a beautiful and witty title.The most convenient way to come up with a title when the main text of the article is already written.

Those who want to know what journalism should first examine the theoretical issues, and only then move on to the practice.However, to become a journalist, which is read with interest, you should always strive to gain experience in practice.Train, invent brilliant and interesting headlines, even for letters to friends or notes on the refrigerator!