How to connect the motor 380 ?

How to connect the motor 380 ?

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How to connect motor 380?

Sometimes in life you may need to apply a three-phase motor, however, as a rule, three-phase power network of 380 "at hand" are rarely available.Should not be upset, because the three-phase motor can be connected to single-phase power supply circuit 220 B. In this case, of course, the engine loses a little in power, however, no choice in the absence of the three-phase power supply.This article will explain how to connect the motor to the 380 V to 220 V. power supply

scheme with operating capacitor

If the motor power is less than 1500W, for its inclusion of an additional need what is called a capacitor.A capacitor contact is connected to zero, and the second - the third exit of the triangle (see Figure 1.).

first triangle you must have contact per phase.

scheme with work and starting capacitor

If the motor capacity of more than 1500 W, you will need not only to work but also start capacitor to turn it on.It is switched in parallel with the work, and two capacitors are separated button (see. Figure 2).

Important!Do not connect to the network 220 to the engine capacity of more than 3 kW!

Selection capacitors

formula for calculating the operating capacitor - Cp = 4800 * I / U, where I - current drawn by the motor, U - voltage network.In our case the mains voltage is 220 V and the current consumption of the engine can be specified in his passport.

formula for calculating the starting capacitor - JV = 3 * Cp.

important point!When buying a capacitor, you must inform the seller not only the necessary rated capacity resulting from the calculation, but also stress that must withstand the capacitor, because if you take malovoltny capacitor, it just burnt out and ruin your engine.

Attention!After turning off the motor capacitors are quite a long time retain the charge, in any case, do not touch them!

As you can see, the problem of connecting a three-phase motor to a single-phase circuit is not so complicated, it is possible to cope without professional help, but it is strongly recommended to take precautions!

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