How to print a book?

How to print a book?

Despite the increasing popularity of electronic media, books in print are gone from our everyday use.A possible reason for this - conservative people, the tendency to use familiar childhood things.Perhaps the printed book in the beautiful cover actually has more value than an ordinary electronic file.

At present, print and publish a book - the process is technically simple.However, at the time the invention of printing was a revolution in the field of literacy, information and knowledge.As the first book published?The traditions of modern European printing, which we still use today, laid the German inventor Johann Gutenberg in the mid XV century.Its essence of the invention: the text typed letters of the metal cast in mirror image, the paint was applied to the letter, the top sheet of paper laid and transferred to it via text media.

Self print books

At present, almost anyone can print the book itself.This will require the text typed, for example, in a text editor Word.How to print a book in a Word?First of all, you need to format the page text.

If you use Word 2007 version, go in the "Page Layout" tab.Find a second menu on the left block.At the bottom there is an inscription "Page Setup".Clicking on the arrow next to activate the dialog box.In the "Pages" next to "Multiple Pages", select the "Booklet" item.The number of pages in the booklet select "All".

next step we set the parameters of the book field.If you are going to do the book cover, put in the appropriate field, for example, "3 cm".This is a reserve.Punch, for example, making a hole in 2 cm from the edge of the paper.The remaining fields are filled to your liking.The book is ready for print.

In earlier versions of Word is also a formatting function in the form of a booklet, but will be slightly different interface.

How to print a book on the printer?

Most printers operating in the home, suited to printing on one side of the sheet.But if you have a two-sided printer, you better - your brochure will be printed automatically.If the printer is still one-sided, then follow these steps:

  • in the "File" menu, click "Print" command;
  • parameters in "Pages", select "Double-sided";
  • after all the pages are printed on one side, turn them and insert into the printer again, and type the text on the clean side.

Left fold sheets in half and fold in one stack to another.Get the book can hold together with the help of Punch and Folder, or using glue.

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Where print this book?

If you are the author of your own book, and you do not like a homemade version using a Word print and the printer, you can turn to professionals.Virtually every major village has one or more printers capable to release high-quality brochure.In big cities, there are also publishing houses, printing hardcover and binding.

Go to the internet or remove the reference to your town.Find a few firms engaged in the printing of books.Study offers printing quality in terms of the ratio of your future book and the price of the service for its printing of.Select an artist, paying bills, and after a while you get copies of your own, professionally published book.