How to write an ad?

How to write an ad?

Create Effective Ads - an art!Well, if you are a professional.And if you have never done this before, but you have a requirement for submission of a competent ad?How to write an ad, if you do not have enough knowledge and skills?Consider some tips.

create ads

announcement or warning of something important can be different shapes and purposes.For example, angry neighbors can write in the declaration warning negligent tenants entrance and threatened that in case of violation the rest went to the police.If you want something to buy, sell, or give it in good hands, the announcement is made in a different way.Most are full of ads about finding a job or on the existing vacancies in the particular enterprise.There are ads on acquaintance, about the loss.They are so many and they are so bright, that you are lost in the choice of how to write an ad to be noticed, too.

Correct spelling ads

What kind of ad would you either have to write, remember a few guidelines that will help to understand how to write an ad.

  • Write only about positive things, do not mention the negative side.
  • Do not show wit and do not show the depth of judgment.Readers can take lightly to your offer.
  • describes all clear, understandable and fair.
  • If your ad is designed for outdoor boards, print it on good paper.Arrange neatly and attractively.Well, if you send ads on the electronic board on the Internet, make it a stylish and businesslike.

make ads for the sale of

To understand how to write an advertisement for the sale, use some simple techniques.They have a good command of almost all advertisers.For example, realtors correctly make the text for the sale of apartments.Make text bright to conspicuous, put as much information, but not too much.Originally, concretely and honestly describe the advantages of the apartment, without using any abbreviations.Be sure to attach some photos and put a real price.Required - contact numbers and call to action.

'll see a sample:

"Homes for sale in the cottage

In the resort city of Mirgorod offer to buy an apartment in a cottage two floors at different levels of four spacious bedrooms Three toilet, shower, jacuzzi The kitchen is in the art-! and decoration used only natural materials - wood, stone, silk

this house is warm, cozy and comfortable all winter in the pine forest - ski trail, in the summer in the lake - clean water and good fishing are waiting for your price....!100,000 dollars.

Call (097) 565 666 7778 from 8.00 to 18.00 daily. Eugene "

Well, unless such a declaration has not caught your attention?

Sample ad

If you do not fully understand how to write ads, sample or diagram will help you figure it out.

  1. aim of ads (buy, sell, invitation, employment).
  2. text (the essence of the ad).
  3. Price (if selling).
  4. contact information (phone number).
  5. name and patronymic (for treatment).

These are the main points that will present your offer in accuracy.

How to create an advertisement for the job search

Many people felt the reduction of the work.And here in search of work, they notify their friends, were registered in the Employment Center, but you can still write the same advert.Let's look at how to write a job ad.Let us remember that this document will be the employer of your first impression.

sure to mention the name, phone number, the position for which you are applying for education.Describe the skills and additional knowledge that may be of interest to your future employer.

Let's look at the sample, how to do it correctly.

"Urgently looking for a job in the tourism firme.Vypusknitsa Kyiv University for Tourism and Recreation I have experience -... 2 years sociable, punctual, buildable know English, German Looking for job menedzhera.Tatyanag Kievtel .: 896163443526.."

How to make a brief summary, we talked about above.

Missing cat?Write ads

Many hard to imagine how to live without a pet.They are so accustomed to it that when he lost, melancholy and unrestrained looking for him.You can write an ad.How to write an advertisement for cat missing?See a sample of writing and repeat after us, enter the data of your pet.

"Missing Cat

25 June, in the morning at the house number 67 on the street Gagarina lost big cat double-suited color (black and white) Collar blue family is very MISS cat promise rewards Phone:...... 094777888899994 Anastasia".

Having examined different types of ads, confidently use this type of alert.Good luck!