How to use a nebulizer ?

How to use a nebulizer ?

When a person suffers from chronic and acute broncho-pulmonary diseases is very important to apply a healing medical facility to the place itself of the disease.Typically, to use the tablets, they enter the stomach and from there into the bloodstream and then there may carry out the neutralizing and therapeutic effect on the pathogen.But it is very long and not always effective.Therefore, it is necessary to hit the medical means to the place itself of the disease.This is possible by inhalation.A inhalation by using inhalers and nebulizers.This article will examine how to use the nebulizer.

The principle of operation of the nebulizer

But first of the nebulizer and the principle of its operation.When using an inhaler or nebulizer, all the liquid, which is defined in the cartridge or container, turns to steam or pressurized air is fed with small parts (droplets) onto spot lesions.At the earliest stages of development inhalers liquid is heated, turns into steam and fed into the appropriate part of the body.To date, the technology went ahead and nebulizer works somewhat different principle.And, accordingly, they are divided into two types: ultrasonic and orifice.In the past it used compressed air principle.

And regardless of the type nubezayzera when selling bundled always go nubelayzer, instructions and other components.The instructions are always signs, how to use nubelayzerom.Typically, use the principle is very simple.Nubelayzer a container or canister, which is placed a substance that will be used.Next, the patient sprays a small amount of the drug, and inhales it through the nasopharynx.Truth is often in a nebulizer have a special tube that is inserted into the mouth and the patient inhales sawn material.

Tips for using a nebulizer

But in order to understand how to properly use nubelayzerom need to know not only its operating principle, the sequence of switching off, but also be able to set it up so that he gave the curing agent in the required doses.It is said that many draw a parallel between the inhaler and a nebulizer, but there is little difference between them.Nebulizer aerosol may supply a predetermined amount.That is, it allows you to set the dosing standards.

few tips on proper use of a nebulizer.Luggage nebulizer or spray should not be less than five millimeters.To dilute the drug should be used only saline solutions.Before conduct inhalation, the drug itself must warm to about room temperature.

Then before he poured the solution into the preparation should wash their hands with soap.Medicines are filled or special cups or syringes or pipette.After the drug solution is filled, it is possible to connect all the other components of the compressor, such as a mouthpiece, face mask, and a compressor.Inhalation should be performed within 8-10 minutes.

As noted earlier, distinguish ultrasonic, orifice and nebulizer compressor.How to use the latter?This nebulizer works in such a way that the medical device is supplied with air pressure.Therefore, you perform the steps above.Then you need to connect the compressor to the mains, insert a breathing tube in your mouth and press the start button on the compressor.