How to learn to work with?

How to learn to work with?

learn to work not just for the many people.What to do when you're on the new workplace, and you do not have experience in?Of course, to learn to work.Consider this question in more detail.

Learning to work

Every person applying for a job, building plans and have their expectations about work.However, once in the working environment, many are simply unable to understand what was happening.Consider how to act to quickly learn how to work.

  1. Do not waste your time.Do not visit the various kinds of web sites, pages in social networks, as well as distractions to view pictures and messages with friends.During operation, you should go to work, and during the holiday vacation.
  2. Try to seize all on the fly.If anything is unclear, ask at once, because then you can ask to for negligence.
  3. If you are instructed, and follow him as soon follow, Report back.Do not wait until you are asked about the results of the work, as management is often busy.If you know what should be notified of the result, the report.
  4. Learn from the mistakes of others.Do not look only after themselves, look for others to learn from their mistakes.So you get more experience.
  5. Know how to keep yourself in the hands of the right to apply themselves.All people have their shortcomings, many people have their oddities, but the first time just is not worth it to show.Show yourself executive, confident and friendly person.If you have a good sense of humor, which take in the team, do not hesitate to joke.If this has a problem, it is better to do without the jokes.

planning and setting goals

In addition, we must remember that the goal should always be to create yourself.Every goal mark in the time interval, it must be clear, realistic and achievable.

You must plan your day.And his plan is necessary, since the morning, in time to redo everything and leave time to rest.It must be remembered that only a person who is well rested, able to work well.If you want to improve the performance of their work, we recommend that you read the article How to work faster.

Patience and

For many people who are just beginning to experience difficulties, there is a big problem - the inability to tolerate.Of course, if you are harassed at work, or you are extremely dissatisfied with the conditions, earnings, etc., It makes sense to give up work.But this does not mean that other work will be easier.For now, all you need to work and work and patience are always connected with each other.

few tips Larry Page

Google CEO Larry Page did not immediately become a successful person, who managed to stand up to such a high position.His path was long and thorny, but that's what he was guided by:

  1. necessary not only to carry out their work, but to do something more for the company.Sometimes even help others.After all, such assistance will turn to you if you do not reward, or at least experience that may be useful in the future.
  2. No need to wait until you all will learn.Even if you have a mentor, you should not rely solely on it.He's also a human being and can make mistakes.
  3. must learn to criticize themselves and others.And silence.It is necessary to record the action that you consider incorrect theory that the voices of your colleagues and their proposals.Then see if it paid off, record in a notebook or diary.To analyze the data and make predictions.

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