How to use e- book ?

How to use e- book ?

Digital or e-books in the world today are very popular.This gadget is a small device used to display e-mail text.It occupies very little space, but can hold a considerable amount of information.Sometimes the most simple e-book can contain up to 1,200 books!If you already have computer skills, to master the e-book for you there is no trouble.Consider how to use e-book.

Prepare eBook

First prepare the gadget to work.To do this, you need to charge just bought an e-book by connecting it to a computer via an ordinary USB-cable.The first charge of the battery should last at least 12 hours.Once a device is fully charged, press the power button.Now insert into the memory card slot.To understand in more detail in the management of a particular e-book enough to read the instructions in it.

One of the most popular books is the e-book Texet.In its complete set necessarily includes the instruction.E-book Texet the quality is markedly different from their peers.Most often it is made with black and white screen e-ink.They help to relax the eyes and contribute to the long reading.

Once the gadget is loaded, a menu will appear, where books are displayed, uploaded in advance.Located on the front panel to quickly open them enough to move the cursor buttons.

If you do not like the books that have already been downloaded, then you can add your own.This is done by means of a connected USB-cable.memory card is displayed on the PC as a new drive and copying the information on it, you add new books to your device.The most common e-book support formats such as txt, doc, pdf, djvu and others.

Reading e-books

consider myself reading process as an example of how to use e-book Wexler.First, learn how to turn the pages.Most often e-books of the company imply the presence of a touch screen, so you can turn the pages using it.You can also use the buttons on the front panel for this purpose.In the "Settings" section, it is possible to change fonts.

You can create a bookmark directly in the text, and it is different from other e-book Wexler.Instructions that came with it, explain in detail how the rename button, and adjust the quality of electronic ink.Also, another advantage of the book of this company is the presence of function "Search" that allows to find the desired sentence in the entire book.Electronic books firmly established in our everyday life and make it easier and more comfortable.