How to start ?

How to start ?

For many job involves a lot of problems and questions: where to find a suitable job, how to work successfully to build a career, how to get yourself to work, if at all, do not want to ... Today let's talk about how to startwork if you - a graduate of college / vocational school or a worker, which overcomes laziness in the midst of the working process.

How to get started: Tips graduates

Find your dream job, where everything will be smooth so smooth, sometimes it is very difficult for people with solid experience, not to mention the young graduates!So, what can you do to increase your chances of getting a good job first?

  • no secret that most organizations need people with experience that many graduates is not.What to do?There is still time, do not be lazy and be active.In summer, look for second jobs in their specialty.Let'll get a little bit, but work experience will grow, and at the time of release you will already have experience.You can also take free training and practice - all of this will play a positive role in finding a job in the future.If you did nothing in their free time, then you will be more difficult.You may need to gain experience in an assistant, working for pennies, but remember that this is temporary - the real success never comes quickly.If there were practices in the learning process, they can be indicated in the summary, they can present at least some experience.
  • competently make a resume.Do not take the first available template from the Internet and resume doing anyhow, but to get.It should be clear and thoughtful, the best on a single sheet.The most important part of the summary - a professional experience, education and professional skills.Try to uncover the most profitable of these items.Learn about proper resume writing, that give professionals.Summary for different positions may differ from each other.A well crafted resume and experience required - is 50% of what you get the job you want.The remaining 50% - this is your behavior during the interview, how you will present yourself.To resume, if possible, would be very good to attach proof of your successful work - letters, reviews, letters, illustrative examples of activities (for example, if you want to be a journalist - the best publications in the mass media).
  • Make a list of possible jobs that meet your needs and schedule, which indicate precisely when and how the interview should go, where it is necessary for a job, etc. The job search engage as many sources as possible:.. Local media, through a friendInternet, agencies, websites and emails of those companies, which would like to get to work.Call us, send your CV, make an appointment, learn how to present themselves in the conversation as a valuable future employee.The more active you are, the more chances you have to quickly find a good job.
  • At the interview you need to look neat, be configured on a business footing and find out the answers to all your questions on the future work.Learn about the wages (as "white" or "black" as issued), schedule, responsibilities, career opportunities, and so on. D. Carefully read the contract of employment that you offer.Based on all the information received, you make up your mind and understand score for the proposed work.You can ask for time to think and then to call back and report on the final decision.
  • If you still can not find a good job specialty, do not make a tragedy of this.How to start?Do not be afraid to get a temporary job to another, especially if you need money.While working, you will receive money to live on, and in his spare time leisurely search for a suitable profession.
  • very important point concerns your reputation.Now we live in the Internet age, a page on the social network have virtually everyone.Many employers are studying the pages of potential employees and make them their own idea about the person.Make sure that nothing is compromised you delete from your profile information that you can something hurt.Reputation can ruin not only your page VC, and any other negative information known to a wide circle of people.It is easier to avoid this: behave decently in society, be smart and farsighted.
  • And of course, your behavior is important in the early days on the job.Be polite, friendly, hard-working, do not gossip and do not disclose personal secrets.First you need to look at the operating team, to understand how best to conduct yourself in it.

These are the basic tips on how to get started after the university or college.The main condition - it does not sit on the couch and look for all possible ways.Remember, he who seeks will always find!

How to start: overcoming laziness

Outside, the sun is shining, and so want to go for a walk, or vice versa - bitter cold and want to wrap myself in a blanket to curl up and sleep until spring.And if, moreover, not enough sleep, hungry, problems in personal life or just apathy - to work in any way you want.But what to do, law is the same: come to work - to work.How to get started, how to make yourself do it?

  • can escape on 10 minutes to lift your mood.Drink a cup of tea, read the latest stories, listen to energetic music.You cheer up the mood will rise and there will be forces to work.
  • often do not want to work, when a man stands in front of a large and hardly feasible task.How to start working in this case?Make a detailed plan.Break a big task into several stages, and each stage - for a few small items.You will get a coherent scheme of your future work.Start with the first point by doing it, slowly go to the second.So, is gradually drawn into the work, you do what you have to do.
  • In the morning it is important to program yourself for a job, then the whole day will be productive.As soon as you sit at your computer, immediately begin to work, and do not check e-mail, their pages, and so on. D. This will start the day very well motivate you.Then you can take a little break, but it is not your productivity will reduce.
  • Do not let yourself be distracted from work.When something once again try to distract you, immediately remind yourself that you absolutely have to go back to work.
  • The peak voltage on the job, when it seems that already at the limit and gets the desire to work, it is useful to escape, but not to sit at the computer.Move away from the monitor, walk around the office or a walk, chat with colleagues, wait by the window.After a few minutes, you will already be able to return to the computer and continue working.
  • Motivate yourself "carrot".Promise yourself something nice in return for a job well done.For example, if the whole day will be hard at work, in the evening allow yourself to go to the movies on the interesting movie and relax.
  • Another tip: before you start the hard work, sit back, close your eyes and imagine that you have already done, and in the best possible way.After that, you will want to quickly achieve the desired result.

Here's how to get started and stop being lazy on the job!Choose any suitable way and act.If you are lazy because of illness or extreme fatigue, in order to avoid health problems need to go on sick leave or vacation.