How to start a lesson ?

How to start a lesson ?

Start lesson should attract the attention of students to form interest in the subject and trigger a craving for knowledge.Thirst for knowledge is natural to human nature.Kill it can only be boring and tedious lessons teacher.How to start a lesson, to immediately capture the attention of the class?

Teaching methodology and common sense is recommended to start a lesson in the following ways:

  1. questions to the class on the passed in previous sessions topics,
  2. little fun game on the studied material,
  3. story about an interesting fact on the subject ( "information a minute"),
  4. solution to the puzzle, read a suitable proverb or quotation,
  5. collective conversation that starts with the words "imagine that you ...".

consider them in more detail.

methods, how to start a lesson

  1. Ask the class questions, to repeat the study.This should be done smartly and quickly, to ask just wanting to put the five most active.Students should not be afraid of such forms of work, so do not blame them for their mistakes or unwillingness to answer.Increase their motivation interesting and unusual staging issues.If you teach the humanities, making it very simple.Creative imagination.
  2. Think short game.For example, prepare a quiz with cognitive problems, divide the class into teams (better two).Posters reward fives.
  3. advance find an interesting fact relating to the material being studied.This may be a fact from the biography of the scientist or writer, unusual subject property, plant, animal or substance controversial question that is still struggling and scientists do not cease debate.You can bring photos, pictures or diagrams illustrating your story.Do not limit your monologue.Involve children in active discussion.
  4. Find or create a puzzle.It will revive the children and will signal the beginning of mental activity.Write on the board a quote on the subject of the studied material, ask the opinion of the students about it.Read the proverb or saying, ask the children to repeat it.
  5. Model the situation.Get students to connect imagination.Start a conversation with the words "imagine that you ...".Further, various options depending on the lesson.If you are a teacher of literature and history, ask the children to imagine being a great writer, or emperor, ask what they would do in a given situation.If you teach math, play with numbers.If biology - let the children present, for example, cheetah and tell how they get food.

main thing - time to stop and move on to a serious exercise, or to the study of new material.It is important to interest children, but does not excite and amuse.Feel the mood of the class, do not let it pass over the brink.Give each student a chance to speak, but do not forget to follow the invaluable lesson time.

tips, how to start a lesson

  • not start lessons the same way, the element of surprise attracts students,
  • smile, charge the children a good mood, but do not let jokes,
  • keep checking homework at the middle or end of the class,
  • not startlesson with independent work, children should enter into operation,
  • not distracted by matters of discipline,
  • every effort to send something to spark the interest of students to the subject.

And remember: to anyone, even to the most difficult class, you can find your approach if want.Teachers learn to light a fire in the eyes of his disciples, and they repay you for this attention and knowledge!