How does the sensor ?

How does the sensor ?

Tablets, many smart phones, as well as monitors, displays on home appliances are equipped with touch screens.This technology pleases, firstly, to its attractive design, secondly, its simplicity and functionality.In addition, there is no need to spend on space occupancy buttons, which is also very convenient.About varieties of screens, their structure, operation principles, advantages and disadvantages, read our article.

most popular types of sensors, resistive sensors

resistive sensor consists of a plastic membrane (first) and panels made of glass (there is a second layer).Between these layers is laid mikroizolyator designed to protect each other conductive surfaces.Layers on the surfaces of the electrodes are arranged (in the first layer, they run horizontally in the second - vertically).By clicking on the screen, you provoke circuit layers, a sensor pressing your reads and converts it into a signal which is transmitted to the processor.As a result, the screen responds to your touch posed the problem - for example, runs the video opens a document, and so on.

This technology is considered to be fairly simple, and therefore the manufacture of resistive screens are not spent too much money.As a result, products are often with them in the budget price segment, which is the main advantage of technology with resistive screens.Technique with resistive screens are presented in a large number and variety.Among the disadvantages of this type of sensor - multizhestov lack of support, poor visibility in the sun / bright light, low wear, low accuracy.

Capacitive sensors

This technology is more advanced - it supports multi-touch, different decent visibility in bright light and better abrasion resistance, higher levels of accuracy.Among the shortcomings - a significant price devices with capacitive screens, a negative reaction to the impact of liquids.

How does the touch screen of this type?A key role is performed electrodes, which are located in the corners of the display, and transmit to each other variables electricity flows.As a result, formed a kind of power grid.Click on the screen, the person shifts the current direction that allows the system to determine the place of pressing and thus calculate and execute the required command.The human body in this case together with the screen by the current conductors protrude.The display is made of glass, coated with a resistive material, providing an effective electrical contact.

Infrared sensors

screen frame (made of glass) includes emitter and receiver of infrared rays.Working they form on the display surface infrared grid.Clicking on the screen, we will block access to certain rays - the system calculates the spot and thinks proper task which it will need to perform.

Among the shortcomings - not very accurate (especially in bright light), "fear" of pollution and the high cost of manufacturing with infrared display.Among the advantages - good visibility in the sun, durability.

less popular types of sensors

Matrix sensors

Matrix system is similar to the way the sensor works in resistive models displays.Only the membrane applied vertical current conductors and glass - horizontal.Pressing causes the circuit which the system calculates and then converts to perform a given task.

matrix screens where today rarely used, because they are very inaccurate, and therefore counterproductive.

screens on the surface acoustic wave

In different corners of the glass panel embedded piezoelectric transducers.Along the perimeter of the display are the sensors, taking and reflective signals.Special controller provides a high frequency signal generation.Pressing the display triggers the execution of a task.

Moreover, the system is able to recognize not only the place of contact, but also its intensity.Therefore, such sensors are mounted in the slots.Furthermore, they are used for reference and payment terminals.Among other systems advantages - durability, to dirt and damage resistance.Among cons - the inaccuracy displays.

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