How to pay for a trip ?

How to pay for a trip ?

business trip called the trip an employee to perform his official job in another city or country.Travel time service can fall on different days of the week, including the weekend.In accordance with the order of payment of travel may be different.As

paid trip during the week?

During the trip, the worker retains not only his position (place of work), but the average salary, including all of the days spent on the road.In fact, it is his salary for the days when he carried out the work in the other, and not on their immediate workplace.The average salary paid to the employee only for the days of travel, which fell on weekdays.Weekend business trip paid for another, but it will tell later.

company is also obliged to compensate the employee sent to a business trip, its costs associated with the cost of travel to the destination and back.The basis for these payments is the presentation in the accounts of tickets.

Besides fare, the company shall reimburse the corporate traveler and the cost of hiring premises, where he lived during the business trip.To do this, the employee must be sure to take the hotel cashier's check or special TSO (form of strict accountability) and return transfer them to the accounting department of the company.

When you are away from home a person inevitably arise additional costs.To cover them seconded employees are provided benefits, called diurnal.Their size is set by each organization according to its discretion and must always be secured in the local normative act or a collective agreement.Daily trips are paid for all calendar days and, unlike all other payments, report on their spending employee does not have to.

Before leaving on a business trip the employee is entitled to receive an advance, which includes funds for the purchase of tickets, hotel accommodation and per diem payments.As

paid weekend on a business trip?

A long term assignment, it will inevitably fall on weekends and / or holidays.During these days the employee is mandatory charge a per diem.But the payment of the average wage, everything is a bit more complicated, and there may be following options:

  1. If the employee during the weekend did not perform service tasks, the salary is not charged for them;
  2. If the weekend the employee worked, he was offered a choice of either charge these days in single size, with the provision of time off or pay them double the amount without providing another day to relax;
  3. travel in a day is on the way.Naturally, he can not use it for recreation, and so this day should be considered as workers and paid at double the rate.