How to make all-terrain vehicle ?

How to make all-terrain vehicle ?

As is known, the majority of Russian roads can not be called high-quality, and the road between the villages generally very rarely be called roads.The conclusion suggests itself: it is necessary to somehow modify your car so that it can withstand the harsh conditions of Russian roads.To help domestic car owners consider the option, as do all-terrain vehicle.

car Selecting

Basically, we have two options - to cook the frame and the body from the ground independently or alter the finished car.Here the choice depends on the financial capacity of the master himself.If you only have enough money to buy new parts, but somewhere behind the garage lying useless scrap metal, you can experiment and make a reality of a way to do all-terrain vehicle with his own hands from the ground up.

And if you have a little more money, feel free to experiment already finished with the body frame.It is advisable to use the second option, as you get rid of the problems associated with the measurements and drawings.The best raw materials to create an all-terrain vehicle is the frame and the body of the UAZ and Niva.The models of these cars were designed to provide maximum ground clearance, so just the skeletons of these brands of cars will suit best.

ways to create rover

There are plenty to choose from.For example, you have an old Russian passenger car, and you do not know what to make of "Niva" all-terrain vehicle, the drive that would ensure maximum grip.This car can deliver pneumatic low-pressure tires, install the crawler, or simply put the tires on a couple of sizes too big.Let's look at each option.

Probably the easiest solution for the design of your ATV will tire of 2-3 centimeters longer.However, in the process of selection of tires need to consider the fact that it must fit into the wheel arch and rotate freely without touching the edge and its "roof".By selecting this option, be sure to also buy a few turns of the spring is greater than normal.Perhaps this is all part and preparations that are necessary when you choose to increase the diameter of the tire.

Pneumatic low-pressure tires - a more sophisticated version than the first.The problem is that usually these huge tires on their own, so you will need to complete processing and reconfiguration suspension.Old suspension parts are no longer needed, since they did not fit.In order to pneumatic tires could be attached to the body, it is necessary to extend the wheel arches.Installing low-pressure pneumatic tires allows maximum accuracy to handle any irregularities, but the car loses capacity.However, it is not so important.

third, the most difficult option - installation of the caterpillar drive type.For caterpillar is quite suitable conveyor belt.The wheels may be ordinary, but in this case, between the wheel and the belt, it is desirable to put a rubber band.It will not only provide sound insulation, but will also push away the dirt from the belt and ensure proper grip with its moving parts.To have a more precise understanding of how to make tracks for all-terrain vehicle, be sure to see several documentary videos on the Internet.It is also fully recyclable and lends itself to the drive from the powertrain and braking system.By the way, the steering wheel in the cabin is no longer needed - his take on the role of the two levers, turning the caterpillar which one of the blocks, and the second, on the contrary, turns.However, choosing this option the drive, you will increase fuel consumption by 5-7 times, and the rate will fall to the Chinese scooter speed.

Useful tips

  • not do all-terrain vehicle, if you do not have time to create it.As practice shows, a number of interesting projects are still not implemented due to lack of time.
  • Correctly count your budget.For such an ambitious project as the creation of all-terrain vehicle, you will need:
    • basic amount that will need to spend on all the necessary parts;
    • supplementary budget, which is useful in the event of breakage of parts.
  • see educational materials in the process of creating all-terrain vehicle.Here are the materials will help to better learn how to make all-terrain vehicle: videos, pictures, drawings, even a 3D-model.Additional benefits will help to fine, if there is not enough experience in the creation of homemade.
  • Regularly check your machine in a natural environment.In other words, after each important improvements check as all-terrain vehicle behaves when riding off-road.Timely regular tests will show how the machine is ready for use.

Remember: the creation of all-terrain vehicle with their hands will take a lot of time and effort, but the result will justify itself in any case!