How to make a camcorder?

How to make a camcorder?

If you want to know how to make a camera that will be a surveillance system, it is necessary to have a smartphone that runs on the operating system Symbian, as well as be able to use some programs.Given that the Symbian operating system version number, before download the software on your smartphone, you need to know what kind of operating system version is installed on your smartphone.

Installing Python

interpreter To start, you need to download to your Symbian-smartphone Python program - a programming language interpreter, which is needed for the subsequent conversion of the smartphone in the camcorder.This program can be found on this resource or on the fact that you usually use to download all kinds of programs.In the archive you downloaded to or SISX SIS file that you need to learn from it, to later be placed in the memory card folder - name of the Others folder.Using File Manager on your mobile device.Go to the above folder and run the file you unpacked, and then install automatically be launched.During installation, the program will ask you some questions - all questions are answered only in the affirmative.The location of the memory card will be the file that you select, and at the next question.

Installing Python-script

Before making a video camera with his hands, using b / a smartphone, you need to download the archive PySpy - it contains Python-script.Find the file you can share on downloading the archive, safely remove the file with the and place it in the folder that the interpreter uses to store the examples we (folder name depending on the version of the operating system may be different).Run the previously uploaded interpreter and call the Python-script.Chances are when you call a script errors - this is normal, so the experience is not necessary, but you must call it again.When restarting usually no error occurs.

program opens a menu where you need to configure specific settings.If you want to take advantage of the local ability to save images, then enable this option.The program will ask you a question as to whether, where you want to store images - choose only the memory card, not the memory of the smartphone.The menu will be offered several ways to motion detection alarm in the room where your self-made camera will be installed.You need to choose the way and depending on the chosen method provide a mobile phone number or your email address.So, you can choose:

  • dial;
  • sending SMS or MMS sending;
  • sending a message by e-mail.


You already practically know how to make the camera from the phone, there were only some of the details - you need to choose a place in the room where you place your smartphone once, and at the moment, a homemade camera.Attention!The place for installation must be selected so that the device has been on continuously recharged.Secure device, preferably so that no one has found, and at the same time, could not steal.As a rule, self-made video cameras for surveillance use at home, so a warning sign that the video surveillance in the room, do not hang up.

Check the operation of the device - your camcorder movements should be recorded, and then the device will alert you in the manner you have chosen.One detail - the card should be checked periodically, if you choose a local saving images.This is necessary in order to release the card from the old pictures.If some of the images seemed suspicious to you, do them up.

How to make webcam

before a webcam, check your digital camera for the presence therein regime webcam.Then connect the camera to a computer via a USB port.The camera will not be a webcam, if you do not use a special application that can be downloaded online.Web camera can also be done from a smartphone.For example, to convert a smartphone on Android OS, you must use the program DroidCam Wireless Webcam, which is installed on the smartphone.She independently perform all the settings, so you do not even need to configure your mobile device.These programs are designed for other operating systems.

Hidden and underwater video camera

Before making a hidden camera, you should remember that the current Russian legislation prohibits making covert videotaping except in certain cases.Therefore, if you wish for someone to watch hidden in his home, then use the recommendations that are listed at the beginning of this article - they relate to the manufacture of a surveillance camera of the smartphone.The mobile device can be hidden in a secluded corner, as in the children's room and in the bedroom.In principle, many Russians use hidden surveillance cameras to check their nannies or some family members.

Note underwater video camera can make from an ordinary webcam, so this unit you should be in the presence of, before you make an underwater camera you choose to own.In a nutshell, the tightness of underwater video cameras can not be improvised.Note that it should be fully combined with the netbook operating system, you will be using to view the video shot underwater webcam.Connect the camera to the netbook through the necessary five-meter USB-extension.Do not allow water to run into a netbook, which will be located on the shore.In the place where the webcam is connected to the plug socket extension cord must be tightly wound electrical tape.

extension also requires some refinement.Next to the plug that connects to the netbook, rip cord - is the wire, which is responsible for the voltage.At the break, set 0,25A fuse which protects the netbook against short circuits.All of the above actions are performed at the disconnected extension cord from the netbook.After you install the fuse wrap in several layers of duct tape place of its installation.The camera before diving into the water in a plastic bottle Shove - mount the camera does not need anything.