How to make the projector ?

How to make the projector ?

projector - a good thing for both apartments, and for a country house.Choosing a projector in the domestic market is very diverse, but the cost of such a device does not small.This is the reason that many people want to save on the purchase of the projector, that is, neither more nor less, and about 45,000 rubles.And some craftsmen can produce a primitive device, which cost them a total of 150 rubles.How to make the projector?What tools and auxiliary materials are needed for this, we shall give you in this article.

Manufacturing primitive projector

To produce a budget projector, you should have on hand a long focus lens is a large diameter (10 cm), dark adhesive tape (a few skeins) and children's board sets (sheets they need to be large).Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of the projector, you need to measure the front of the monitor.Treat this work as precisely as possible.Next, we start to work - first we need to make a square box formyiz cardboard.Its dimensions sides - 40-50 cm, but the manufacture of the box do not one lateral side and bottom.Take

lens paperboard wrap it around the edges - it should not drop out of the resulting cone, but at the same time, must rotate.In the center of the bottom of the box is necessary to make a hole this size, made to contact the cylinder could move.Now we have to fix the cylinder in the box and the box - on the monitor.Before you make the projector with your hands, you can stock up on the wiring with clips on both ends, which is used for more reliable fastening of the box to the monitor - one clip clings to the air vent on the monitor, and the second - after you made the box.

projected image can be as light walls in the house, and on the pre-mounted on the wall pure white sheet, which is quite cope with the screen functions.In the case where you do not fit the image quality, use the program ACDSee 7.0.Include movie in this program (it supports the seventh version of watching movies), set Auto Levels correction and watch a movie with increased brightness.Install additional lenses that will correct the orientation of the image.

Manufacturing complex projector

To manufacture sophisticated projector with your hands, you need to purchase an old LCD display, which costs at around $ 100.We recommend buying LCD high resolution.If you are interested in the question regarding how to make a screen for the projector, this milestone does not cause you any difficulties.Indeed, in every house there is a white sheet that it is come to the screen for the projector equipment.If that is not your home, buy it in the store bed linen.

needed for the manufacture of the projector and the projector, which is possible to buy just $ 50 - choose b / y machine manufacturers such as WolfVision, Liesegang, Elmo or 3M.When buying guided by the brightness of the lamp.Thus, the model of 2510 OHP Liesegang equipped with a halogen lamp, which gives at least 3500 lumens.Because the projector uses a powerful design lamp (400 W), the heat generation occurs in the course of its use.The LCD panel should be well cool.

Acquire device with HQI-lamp is not recommended as a replacement of the lamp it is very expensive, and the purchase of new halogen bulb - only $ 30.Remember that the minimum power of the lamp shall be not less than 350 watts, as less power will require a darkened room while watching movies.