How to beat the bat ?

How to beat the bat ?

bat - a sports equipment with which players fight off the ball served.Games that use the bit, it is, for example, baseball, rounders, cricket.In various sport bits have different shapes, different in size, the material, as well as a method of striking the ball.The choice bits - an important point for each batter's box, it is necessary to choose according to their physical strength and on parameters such as height and weight.Athletes know how to beat the bat.Let us know and we will!

  • front .First and foremost, you need to adopt the right stance.It is individual for each should be user friendly and makes it easy to maintain a balance.Knees in the rack should be slightly bent, the shoulders are perpendicular to the floor.The head should not lean forward strongly.The bit should be held with both hands, firmly connecting the brush.Brushes should not be relaxed, otherwise the impact will be not enough "hard".
  • The metronome .The bat should go to the ball along the shortest path and the striker's hand should be above this trajectory.Do as little as possible of unnecessary movements, otherwise you run the risk of not get the shot away.The striker must understand that the force of impact, it is not important.Much more important is the speed and reaction.Another point, which shows a good technique, it is a timely transfer of the body's center of gravity at the time of hitting the ball.The main thing is not to lose balance.Legs must be constantly on our toes.Timely twisting hips and shoulders creates a centrifugal force which gives the bit a maximum speed when you hit the ball.

Here is a brief description of how to beat the bat.Let's talk more about what the different bits in different sports:

  • Bat for Russian rounders tselnoderevyannaya must be flat, without further winding.The length of 60-110 cm yet. The end of the handle has a slight thickening.Weight bits must not be greater than 1500 grams.
  • Baseball bat is shaped round in cross-section of the rod.Bit uniformly thickened.The greatest thickening be in part used for hitting the ball.The player holds the sports equipment of the finest place.The dimensions of a baseball bat are: 42 inches (106.7 cm) in length and 2.75 inches (7 cm) diameter cross section.For making use ash, oak, maple, birch.In the amateur sport it is allowed to use bits of metal (aluminum alloys).
  • bat cricket is shaped like a blade, on the one hand it is flat, and the other has a triangular protrusion.The handle has a generally cylindrical shape winding of rubber or fabric.Construction material - willow.Cricket bat Dimensions: 96.5 cm long and 10.8 cm wide.

Today, unfortunately, the bit is used not only as a sports equipment, but also as a weapon.But we hope that the information you received is correct to beat the bat, you will use only for sports training!