How to punch ?

How to punch ?

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How to punch?

Self-defense - the important thing.It can save your life in case of proper use.What to do if you hit the correct punch, so that the opponent was hurt, and you do not get injured?Here are some useful tips.

How punch - advice

correctly fold his fist.The fact is that when properly folded fist you have the risk of breaking his thumb and his hand hurt badly.How to fold a fist right?It is necessary that the thumb was at the top, and not inside a fist.To do this, bend the four fingers, then place the thumb on top.If it is within the fist, then in such a situation it would have the force of impact, and you run the risk of his dislocated or broken.

How to punch?Beat no knuckles, and a flat surface, squeeze the fist as tightly as possible, so that the fingers form a plane and beat the first phalanx.Better, if you compress a fist strongly at the moment of impact.

Invest in a blow all his weight.It should not be the power of one of your hands, and the entire weight of your body.The blow is applied, cycling is both a hand and shoulder and hip, almost the entire body.

not unbend elbow to the end, it consumes energy, and your hand is in a vulnerable position, as a result of a blow will turn out much weaker than it could be.You can simply fix the arm in a certain position - the angle of the elbow 90 degrees and the arm is parallel to the floor, and move the body already.

Consider boxing technique strike with his right hand on the right side: the right foot firmly standing on the floor, leaning on it, turn the body, from the waist.Thus there is a twisting, which transfers energy from the legs and the body to the shoulders and arm.Loin is a kind of transition, which converts energy from one source to another, and then generates a single movement of the whole body.

Remember that fist strike is not the most important, it is - the final means, the main work is done by the body.

Train.Initially, better train without any improvised means, you can look at the movement of the body and the position of the hands and fists in front of the mirror, making sure the kick is not bad technique is perfected, you can move on to the punching bag.If you really want, you can work out with a partner, but few agree to tolerate blows.Training is very important, because being in a dangerous situation without training, you can forget how to beat his fist, and eventually only worsen their situation.During a workout, your body remembers what it needs to do, and then, in a stressful situation, it remembers itself, without strict control on your part.