How to fight right?

How to fight right?

Even if you are the enemy of all violence and considers that any dispute can be solved by words, you need to know how to fight, because life situations are different, and you can not always agree.Just be prepared to protect yourself and those around you.

behavior during a fight

most important thing in a fight - never lose self-control and remain calm and firm.If circumstances are such that calling for help is useless, look his opponent in the eye and smile.But do not insult his words.If he is weaker than you, then your behavior on this he lost.

If your opponent is stronger than you, it is best to lash out suddenly when he does not expect.If you have already realized that the fight can not be avoided, hit first, hard as you can.There are some weak points: the eyes, nose, throat, groin.If you do not know how to fight, the ability to accurately and fairly surprisingly beat on these points.You can pretend that straightens the collar clothes or hair, so your hand will already be half way to face the opponent.At this point, you need to accurately and sharply hit.Better at once in the head, in the groin to get harder.

As you know, in the heat of passion, and people are able to murder.Affect doubles your strength, making movement rude, but dulls the mind.If you do not own the equipment, and nowhere to retreat, only rely on affect.Psyche!Crazy unpredictable, but just the unpredictable and scary in a fight.

How to fight a

street to the right to fight in the street, and need the right clothes and shoes.Shoes with laces better, so that it fell to the feet during a fight or if we have to run.The sole should be thick.Tight pants or jeans can hamper movement.Short jacket with zipper will be much more convenient long.

If you understand that there will be a fight, and it can not be avoided:

  • take off your watch and if there is a bracelet and take away in his pocket.
  • take off his tie (if it is worn around the neck, strangle them easily).
  • unbutton a jacket or coat, so they do not hesitate to your movements.

quick look around the sides.If you got a stick or tube, then lift it, and make it so that the enemy saw her.There comes himself, there comes confidence, even if you can not fight at all.Your confidence can knock down enemy with a brain and simply scare.Try to retreat to the side, where there may be pedestrians or road people.As soon as you hear people call me for help.If multiple attackers, better to flee.If you can not run, try to stand up so that you could be seen all.In such a situation it is better to dodge the blows, than to attack.If you drop to the ground, covered his head with his hands.

How to fight in

school in the school right to fight so that the teacher did not know.Because they will have to intervene, and the issue remains unresolved.And that is also respected classmates, it is best to agree on a fight outside the school and not to attract friends.Let the fight will be one on one.Friends and classmates will only be able to attend.Only in this way it will be clear who is stronger.You should not be afraid, you have to be sure he is right.Do not use foreign objects, they can be very dangerous.Do not wait until your opponent starts to attack, rushed into battle.Do what you know how.Your movement should be clear and sharp.If your opponent down, give him a chance to get up, do not disgrace him his superiority.It would not have ended in a fight, you have to get respect.Your conduct in the fight characterize you and your classmates to a rival.No one does not exclude that you make peace and be friends.Remember that if a fight over injury, you primarily are responsible for their enemy.Do everything depends on you.Help me up, hold up to the house, help to wash, call if you need an ambulance, notify the parents.

In general, it is better not venturing fights, as reasons for the fight most of the students' trumpery, and they do not deserve to sort things out with their fists.Even if you think that the conflict is now for you - a matter of life and death, think about how you would interpret this situation in a few years.Had she value?So think on - whether it is necessary for this to cripple yourself and your opponent ...

You deserve respect, if you manage to avoid the conflict and the fight with the help of reasoning and argument.But there are situations in life when you can not otherwise.To assess the situation objectively.Realizing that resistance is useless, it is better to flee.But if you can handle and stand up for yourself, your girlfriend, sister or even property - Fight!Fight as you know how!