How to learn how to fight ?

How to learn how to fight ?

way or another, almost every guy wants to learn how to learn how to fight.Why are there boys, even girls do not mind to learn a couple of techniques and readily stored in all sorts of sports clubs or self-defense circles.The ability to take revenge on their oppressors no less noble than the defense skill of its second half.It is difficult to dispute the fact that the guys are confident, but not unfounded who can defend his honor, command respect among his friends, and are the object of special attention from the fairer sex.Plus - the mass of the minuses - no.That is why today we'll talk about how to learn to fight.

sports clubs

Do you want to learn how to fight?You will be sports section.Pretty absurd looks, is not it?You and I read an article that teaches you to go to clubs?No no and one more time no!This section of the text is devoted to the correctness of the choice of the sports section or a circle of martial arts, in order to understand how to learn how to fight in the street.

Of course, for those who want to learn to fight in the street and not be caught off guard by hooligans, ideal for boxing or kickboxing.Of course, this is the best choice for the future of Street Fighter.In the section on boxing you perfectly ottochat main skill - put a hit with both hands and will learn to avoid enemy strikes.Of course, a nice bonus from classes in boxing clubs will be increased stamina and muscles relief.However, if you want to not only learn to fight, but also to take a punch and dial the required weight, will have to forget about such a "joy of life" such as smoking.Agree, this is a small price to pay for how quickly learn how to fight!

Argued that the fighters can fight well on the street.But I highly do not recommend high stakes for visiting wrestling sections.Yes, you will be perfectly ready to receive blows, will be great to turn out of the jaws.But the flip side of the coin - the inability to strike back at the enemy.In addition, bullies rarely attack alone, and that can make a fighter against three hostile people?Is that remember the movie "Forrest Gump" with the epic of his sentence ... Run, fighter, run!

But those who impressed all kinds of martial arts, can only wish good luck and more good films.Most of all karate clubs, martial arts kendo, or indeed develop a high level of technology, but if you dig a little deeper ... Nobody teaches lethal shock - thank you!All classes are reduced to "poke", maximum - rolls (specificity of techniques) and win strikes.The street will not help your speed and accuracy of movements.We need a force, mass, and improvisation at least incoming damage.

only martial art that, according to most experts, can somehow help you fight well in the street - Taekwondo.It is unfortunate but true - to teach him not very eager.

So, we can draw some conclusions.To learn how to fight in the street, you will need to enroll in a boxing section.This is the best option, because the battle hands technique in conjunction with an excellent shock and avoiding solid stand will give you the opportunity to not only protect, but also counter-attack to 5 enemies at the same time.

Learning to fight at home

much more difficult is the case so as to learn how to fight at home.Many are interested in is the possibility of combat training at home, because it is absolutely free and more / less competent.After exercising at home, you are absolutely not time-limited activities and their level of complexity.Hence, it is true, and follow some of the problems: in the case of incorrect understanding of this or that technique / exercise, you risk to fix it so "as is".What it is not good, of course.

In that case, if you are confident in their desire to learn how to fight at home, do not rush immediately to run into a sports store for boxing equipment.In any case necessary steps: start with the preparation of his body.Train your endurance: jump rope, run, go swimming.

Directly on how to learn to fight at home.Of course, the whole burden of responsibility for their training are now upon you.I advise you to seek help from the books - good of them on this subject there is a huge amount.It is also a good option as well to learn how to fight - is to watch the video.Internet sated similar materials, so we have selected the most appropriate and relevant material for you.Video learning how to fight, you will also come in handy.Then you will no longer be just a lot of questions about how to learn to fight.

I hope that our today's material will help you learn how to fight.