How to break a bottle on his head ?

How to break a bottle on his head ?

How beautiful and spectacular in the film beat the bottle of the actors head!And the audience, watching the heroic deeds of TV and film characters, start at home to repeat these tricks.And only suffered one defeat after another, they begin to look for information about how to break the bottle head right!

This unhealthy

If you was born this idea - to hit a bottle on the head, it is possible that you already do not hurt ... But still keep in mind that bitbutylkoy on the head, with no stunt skills, is very dangerous.You can at least fill a huge bump, and the maximum to earn a concussion and tearing tissues of the head.Treated concussion about a month, and its consequences for years!Very good think before you start swinging the bottle.

How do paratroopers

beat over the head with a bottle - entertainment paratroopers.They have developed the technology of the process, which is as follows.To begin it is necessary to train in the header, it is better to take a fine knitted beanie.Beat recommend strictly frontal bone.If the hand slips below the forehead to the nasal area, there is a risk to earn a serious injury.And if the bottle gets to the temple, and then we can say goodbye to life.We must firmly aim at the middle of the forehead, there is the strongest bone.If you are afraid to beat, it is better not to do so out of fear, you can pull your hand or head, and cause injury.So paratroopers technique is simple - beat strongly and in the center of the forehead.


lovers lovers hit acquaintances such as trick recommend starting a workout in the small cap.In order to not hurt, you have to put in a bottle of iron ruble or stone, then an hour or two to shake that bottle inside covered with microcracks.Outside, they will not be seen, and break a bottle much easier.Another way to reduce the strength of the bottle come up with creative amateurs tricks.We must first peel the label from the bottle, then the bottle properly ignited the fire, then cool, and for the visibility and credibility to stick the label back.From the point of view of the laws of physics all the destroyed compound molecules on cooling will be restored, but the practice argue that the bottle loses its hardness.

And actually

And actually in the movie use a special bottle of sugar!They are cast on sophisticated technology, so that they were transparent and appeared as glass.The blow on the head with a bottle for stuntman easy and almost painless.The only thing that can stop the fans use a bottle for home tricks is its high cost.One bottle of sugar will cost from 1500 to 2000 rubles.