How delicious pickle bacon ?

How delicious pickle bacon ?

make a delicious, melting in the mouth fat at home is quite on the shoulder even novice cooking.The main thing is to choose the right proportions, and use a large table salt.In this case it will be easier to remove any excess if necessary.

Another important point: the quality of raw materials.It is better to choose fresh locally produced bacon.You will easily recognize it by a translucent texture.Also, try to put pressure on a skin - it should be soft, and then fat is not ready to be rubber.Check out several different ways of preparation salty bacon.

How delicious pickle bacon in the brine

you need

  • lard - 800 g;
  • salt - 1 cup;
  • water - 1 liter;
  • black pepper, garlic, bay leaf.


  1. Boil water and sprinkle in the salt into it.Leave the brine cool to 40-45 degrees temperature.
  2. If the bottom of the tank with a solution formed muddy sediment, gently pour the brine into another clean container and discard the remains.
  3. Cut the bacon into portions of about 7 to 10 cm. Carefully rinse them under running water.
  4. Place the bacon in the brine and cover loosely cover.Leave to soak for 3 days.Turn the slices every 12 hours.
  5. After salting, remove the finished pieces on a napkin, dry and roll in a mixture of crushed garlic and bay leaf.
  6. At the end of fat dip on all sides in black pepper.

made so fat gentle taste, evenly salted.Store in a jar with a lid kapron.

delicious recipe acute fat


  • fat;
  • onion skins;
  • salt;
  • red pepper powder;
  • garlic;
  • water.

  1. Preparation In a saucepan, pour 7 cups of water and sprinkle in a glass of salt and a handful of onion peel.Wait until the water boils.
  2. Dip in brine bacon pieces and boil for 10 minutes.
  3. Then remove the pan from the heat and leave to infuse for a day.
  4. delicacy Remove from brine, dry and roll in crushed garlic and pepper.
  5. Wrap each piece in foil and place in the freezer for 5-6 hours.This fat is best to eat cold.

be stored in the freezer for a long time.

How fast and delicious pickle bacon

If you are not willing to wait three hours or until the dish is marinated, use rapid method of brining:

  1. Small pieces of fat meat with a layer of rinse thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels.
  2. In a bowl, mix in equal proportions of black pepper and a large salt.
  3. At the bottom of the banks, pour a little mixture of salt and pepper.
  4. Each slice of bacon roll in the same mixture and place in a jar tightly.The layers are generously peppered with salt.
  5. Boil the water, add the bay leaf.
  6. Fill the jars with boiling water so that the fat was completely submerged.Incubate for 2-3 hours.After that, remove the fat.

Serve with greens, you can additionally roll the finished fat in any available spices.

How pickle dry fat

This method makes it possible not to use the brine.The advantage of this method lies in the duration of storage of the product, from minuses: salted lard thus will last longer.

  1. small pieces of bacon rolled in coarse salt and placed in glass jars.You can make a mixture of red, black pepper and salt, coat with garlic bacon.
  2. Banks roll up metal covers and set upside down for a few days in a room with ambient temperature, then turn over the container.This should be done several times.
  3. After about 2 weeks, banks can be removed for storage in the refrigerator or in the cellar.

Such cans have a virtually unlimited shelf life.It is important to protect the banks from exposure to sunlight.After opening the cans better to shift fat in plastic bags and put into the freezer.

Other recipes pickles you find in our article How to add salt bacon.