How to freeze vegetables?

How to freeze vegetables?

comes time to pieces, but a growing number of housewives understands that still there is a difference between, albeit delicious, canned and almost fresh vegetables, frozen for long term storage.These products retain a greater amount of useful nutritional properties than other home-made.It is possible and even necessary to freeze vegetables, berries, herbs, juices, fruit.The main thing to know some of the rules before you begin this process.Let's start with the basics - learn how to freeze vegetables.

Rules freezing

  • Frosting products can be at a temperature of -18 to -23 degrees.At such temperatures, good freeze vegetables and can even be stored until the next season.
  • If you plan to store foods for no longer than 3 month, you can keep them at a temperature from zero to minus eight.
  • vegetables should be placed in containers with lids or ordinary plastic bags.
  • Portions need to make small to get one of them, do not put back.Define portion on the eye, as you put it in soup or another dish at a time, and so will be in a single serving.
  • Before freezing, all the vegetables should be washed well, because after defrosting it should not do.

Frozen vegetables: cooking

Frosting can be almost all vegetables.Let's start with the zucchini.


  • Wash, posushite and slice zucchini.If you plan to add them in the future to soups, cut into cubes of about 2 cm.
  • Lay them on the portions small bag, tie tightly and place in the freezer.When you pull out the frozen product, you do not have to be separated from the bulk of the required amount, you just take a portion and throw in the soup, or in a pan.Defrost them is not necessary.
  • you want to indulge in winter fried zucchini?Then, dry them and cut into rings 1-1.5 cm. Cover the dish with a plastic bag and put the rings on it in a single layer.The next layer can be put on the same dish, only the pre-lay a previous layer polyethylene.The package will not freeze to the squash dish and to each other.Dish with vegetables, place in a container and can be frozen.


with eggplant, proceed in the same way as with the courgettes, to the point that cutting them is the same.But better yet, cut them in rings, so that they did not flow.


  • Wash, posushite towel, clean the seeds and finely chop the pepper.
  • How to freeze vegetables and odor?It's simple, to the smell of pepper did not give the whole freezer, pack it into multiple packets.
  • for stuffed peppers, remove the core, but do not cut vegetables.Your task is to make sure that pepper is not damaged, lying right next to each other, but did not take all the freezer.You can fold it in peppercorn spice.


If you have already decided to freeze vegetables, you know, tomatoes - this thing is indispensable.They can be added to the pizza instead of ketchup in eggs, for lovers of grilled tomatoes instead of tomato paste soup, etc.

Small tomatoes can not be cut, and put right in its entirety.You already know how to freeze the vegetables: wash, dry and freeze in a bag.Large tomatoes cut into rings or slices, cover the bag, freeze it.

want to make tomato paste in the winter?Do it now, to save space in the freezer.Whisk chopped tomatoes in a blender and pour the juice on the forms designed for ice.When the cubes freeze, pour them in a bag and place it in the camera.


This variety of cabbage is quite delicate, so no need to blanch it in advance.Simply divide into florets, then wash, dry, spread out in bags.


If you want to eat salads with fresh cucumbers in winter, do not forget their pre-freeze.

Cut them into strips or cubes, put in the bags.Before you eat cucumber, you need to defrost them and drain.You can add to salads!

Sweet corn

In corn contains a unique composition of carbohydrates.It does not accumulate nitrates, so relates to environmentally friendly products.In the store you can hardly find even a bag of frozen kernels for lovers of fresh corn, so that hope is only on myself.

You can cut the grain, and can leave the whole corn.It is better to choose not coarsened grains, cut and arrange them on bags.Small ears are well suited for freezing whole.For the use of corn, there is no need to defrost it, just put it in boiling water, and after 6-7 minutes after another boil your dish is ready.

Assorted vegetables

Here you get a real and mixed vegetables in the freezer.Divided into florets cabbage, sliced ​​vegetables for frying, frozen tomatoes in various forms, etc.All this is packed into a separate package and tight together looks like a block.So, a number of frozen vegetables will be very slow, as thick package.Our advice: do not freeze too many vegetables at a time, well, or buy another freezer.Just like frozen vegetables!