How does the coffee?

How does the coffee?

None beverage in the world, including alcohol, does not cause so many conflicting opinions as coffee.Humanity is drinking coffee for centuries, all the while constantly replenished as the ranks of supporters and opponents of flavored beverage.Before you take one of the parties will try to find out what is the impact of coffee per person.

If you look into the past, it becomes clear that the use of coffee began because of its stimulating effect.This quality alone consider it a major advantage, others - a disadvantage.Many people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee it is.Why?

Useful properties

coffee contained in the coffee beans caffeine is a stimulant, giving courage, reducing drowsiness, activating brain activity.These properties make it the best way to wake up the body in the morning.And throughout the day helps keep the coffee operation, to concentrate, reduces the feeling of fatigue.

But the effect of coffee is not so limited.The green beans useful mass amino acids (oleic, linoleic, etc.). The coffee contains more than a thousand different components, r. H. 800 aromatics.It proved that even the smell of coffee activates the immune system and the activity of the brain, causes the production of antioxidants.Given that, in recent years began to include the coffee aroma in perfume compositions.

Affects drink and on the gastro-intestinal tract, speeding up the production of gastric juice, contributing to the digestion of food.Diuretic properties help rid the body of liquid, and used in the propensity to edema.

Caffeine increases blood pressure, which is useful for hypotension (low blood pressure).And its analgesic effect is used in medicines for headache (tsitramon).


As is well known, it is difficult to find the ideal product suitable to everyone.Quality coffee is good for some, others may cause considerable damage.

Coffee contraindicated at high pressure.With a weakened nervous system nervous excitement comes from even small amounts of drink, which leads to irritability, anxiety state.

Coffee increases heart rate, it is not recommended for arrhythmia and tachycardia.

suffering from gastritis, especially with high acidity, gastric ulcer and coffee, it is desirable to give up completely.Acceptable no more than one drinking cup, but not on an empty stomach and not during periods of exacerbations.

With a shortage of iron in the body and do not abuse coffee, significantly slowing down the absorption of this trace element.

How does coffee on pregnancy?Recently, talk about the harmlessness of 1 cup.But keep in mind that caffeine from the body of the fetus appears very long.Nursing mothers should be aware that caffeine rapidly penetrates into the milk, which means that the child's excitement guaranteed.

So, you learned about the properties of coffee.The impact on the body of the drink man is enormous, so do not abuse it.