How to apply makeup ?

How to apply makeup ?

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How to apply makeup?

makeup helps girls and women look at a hundred percent.However, to apply makeup correctly is difficult.Let's learn how to apply makeup.

rules applying makeup

there are rules that must be followed so that your make-up was really good.

  • First of all, make-up should be in a well-lit room.
  • First, you need to moisturize the skin cream.Then cosmetics would be better applied to the face.
  • When you choose a cream foundation, guided by their type and skin tone.For example, women with dry skin will suit fatty creams.But oily skin loves liquid powder.As for problem skin, then it is better to use a compact powder.
  • When painting the eyelashes mascara, you first need to touch up the roots, and only then proceed to further staining.
  • eyeliner should not be abused.Do not draw too broad line - it looks vulgar.
  • Blush need to choose slightly darker skin.Apply them in a circular motion should be at the top of the cheekbones, and then have to blush shade.By the way, what cosmetics can be used, read the article What you need to make.

So we learned how to apply beautiful makeup.More about this can be read in the article How to do makeup.

Makeup dependent on certain events.For example, day make-up has to be discreet, and evening - may be brighter.Now we take a closer look at the different kinds of makeup.

Day makeup

For daytime makeup use quite a bit of makeup.He must hide flaws and slightly emphasize the natural beauty.

  1. First you have to put on your skin tone cream.You can also apply a little powder on top.Powder and cream not only align the skin, but also protect it from the weather.But do not hold to and apply them in large quantities.
  2. If you want to draw the eye, draw only one arrow on the upper eyelid.Then touch up the eyelashes mascara.It tint rather than increase the lashes five times.
  3. Then apply lipstick on her lips.Lipstick makeup for day should be a soft shade.You can choose a light lip gloss.
  4. remains to apply blusher.Blush should be very soft and light, but you can do without them.

Main remember that day makeup should be natural and unobtrusive.Learn about the daily make-up can be in the article How to make a light make-up.

Evening makeup

makeup that you put into the evening hours, it may be more intense.

  1. start with foundation, then you need to apply face illuminator large brush.He will look radiant.
  2. turn to blush.Very good evening to use pearl blush, they accentuate facial features.
  3. will continue to do eye makeup.You can choose bright or dark shadows.Remember that the eyebrow line emphasizes lighter shades and pleated century applied the darker the shade.Then you can draw arrows on the eyes.You can draw and one and two hands.Now, will apply mascara.In the evening it can be applied in three layers.
  4. 're make-up lips.The circuit should be outline in pencil, it should be one tone darker than the lipstick.And then it is necessary to apply lipstick, it can be bright.And in order to increase the volume, you can apply a drop of clear gloss to the middle of the lower lip.

even more tips, see the article How to evening makeup.

So we learned how to apply makeup at different times of the day.And now let's talk about choosing the right make-up, respectively, the exterior type.

First, let's talk about makeup for blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Makeup for brunettes

Brunettes need to use lighter foundation, they accentuate the natural color of the skin.Perfect tone should merge with the color of the skin on the face.

As for the shadows, brunettes suit gray, brown and purple, brown color (for darker skin) and light pink, shades of beige (for fair skin).

Lipstick is better to choose brown or red colors.If there are freckles on his face, prefer peach or coral color.

Makeup for blondes

ladies with light hair should use a powder pink and beige shades instead of foundation.With such a powder blend well coral or pink blush.

Eyeliner better to choose brown or gray.Here you can select the blue ink (for blue or gray eyes) or brown (for dark eyes.).

Let us turn to the shadows.Blondes go pink, purple, shades of gray shadows.In general, the color is better to choose pastel shades, dim.

As for lipstick, blond girls are suitable coral, pink, gold and beige shades.

Makeup for red

redhead fit concealer light shades - beige, sand, ivory.A blush should choose peach, bronze, apricot shades.They accentuate your individuality.

Shadows can choose green, olive, brown, gray shades.Give your eyes shine, you can use the golden hues.If the eyes are blue, well suited ink blue and green eyes, of course, go green ink.

We turn to lipstick.Ginger girls can use orange, brick, peach color.Some may come and brown lipstick, but it is better to use this color in the evening makeup.Also for evening make good use of bright red and coral color.

Now let's learn about the beautiful makeup for different eye colors.

Makeup for blue-eyed ladies

with heavenly eyes fit silver, gold, sand, taupe, pale pink shades.For gray-blue eyes, a good choice would be gray pearl and turquoise shadows.

Makeup for brown-eyed

girls and women with brown eyes and black suit wonderful golden, beige, pistachio, pink shades shadows.You can also use peach, mauve and purple shades.But orange is avoided.

Makeup for green-eyed

The fair sex with green eyes can use emerald, metal, turquoise, dark purple, plum shades of shadows.It is best to use warm colors and avoid the cold.And also, do not use blue and blue shades.

details on how to properly apply makeup person, you will find in the article How to learn to paint.