How to apply powder?

How to apply powder?

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How to apply powder?

Powder - a very important element in the female beautician.Thanks to her, you can quickly cover up any minor flaws or unattractive shine.But how to apply the powder, there are some women's stealth.

General rules for applying powder

  • top to bottom.Apply powder needed in this direction, to make the skin silky.
  • uneven.It is known that fat allocated different portions of the skin unevenly.So the forehead, nose and chin are always the most fat portions.These parts of the face are called T-zone as forming a "T".Here on these areas of the face powder should be applied in several layers, so that it is better to keep the shine and balance.
  • Removing excess fat.If during the day skin began to shine in bold, in any case, do not hammer all the powder.First you need to remove excess fat, putting them toilet paper or facial tissues.And only then to adjust makeup powder.
  • Do not rub.Last subtlety of how to apply the powder on the face.In no event should not crawl across the face with a sponge.Movement should be easy and pat.Only then powdering lie flat and not score the pores.

Types powder and especially their application

  • Loose powder.This type of powder falls on the skin it is best to, well mixed with creams and distributed evenly over the entire face.Today there are loose powder with the addition of minerals and preservatives, making it not only a cosmetic but also medicinal.To understand how to properly apply the powder in the powder, it is necessary to buy a sponge or thick brush with soft bristles.These materials allow the powder evenly and thinly scattered over the skin, leaving no trace.
  • liquid cream powder.Features of how to apply the cream-powder, dictated by its consistency.General rules remain the same: a sponge gently trying to drive the powder into the skin.But now the movement will not be anywhere from top to bottom.First, cover the cream with powdered middle of the forehead, then gently move down to the temples.From top to bottom they are processing the facial contour.Now cheeks and area around the eyes.Traffic should be sent from the nose to the ears.The area under the eyes is best to handle with a soft brush, if powder lies flatter.For a more stable effect over a cream-powder puff a little walk with crumbly powder.
  • Compact Powder.Compact powder was invented precisely in order to take her with him.Loose powder is very poorly suited to the transport and could easily awaken.But the compact powder has its drawbacks.Because of its compact structure, it is bad rests on the skin, and therefore it is not recommended to treat the entire face.The best way to correct those areas that have gained their shine after pre-treatment.

illustrative example of how to apply the powder, can be seen on video - how to apply powder, below on this page.

powder and skin types

Powder has a drying effect, so it is best suited to owners of oily skin.But for those who have dry, normal or combination skin, powder can also be used, but you need to prepare it before.

  • Oily skin.The preparation of oily skin is to remove excess fat, skin cleansing and its moisturizing cream or tonic that does not contain oil.Loose Mineral Powder, inflicted on a colorless foundation is best suitable for oily skin.
  • Dry skin.For dry skin, you must pre-wetting fatty cream and then applying a tonal framework.It is best to use a cream powder.
  • Normal skin.Here you can turn around!Choose any powder: liquid, loose, compact.In normal skin fit well any means.

Whatever powder you may use, remember that the pledge of a beautiful makeup - its relevance and moderation.Be healthy, beautiful and happy!