How to apply highlighter ?

How to apply highlighter ?

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How to apply highlighter?

Not every modern woman knows buzzword called "highlighter", and not all are able to use it.From this article you will learn how to apply highlighter, by which you will be able to emphasize the necessary areas of the face and to divert attention from the shortcomings.

How to apply highlighter

First, a few words about what a highlighter, and then talk about how to use highlighter.So highlighter - it is a special way to give your skin a fresh, is the skillful use can hide fine lines and emphasize and brighten the necessary parts.

However, it should be remembered that the texture of this wonderful means of light and soft, and it is not used as a masking agent.If you want to hide a pimple highlighter, it will achieve the opposite result only because to mask minor defects is better to use concealer.Let's look at a few areas where you can apply the highlighter.

  • right under the eyes on the top of the cheekbones: so you'll have to hide the circles under the eyes, thereby significantly refresh and rejuvenate the face.
  • side the forehead (above the eyebrows) - it will create the effect of a high forehead and give relief contour of the face.
  • In order to lengthen the nose, you should apply highlighter along the wings of the nose, that is, on the sides.If you, on the contrary, want to adjust is too long or wide nose, safely lightens zone from the nose to the tip of the nose.
  • With close-set eyes, use the means at the inner corners.only the nose should lighten When wide landing.In order to visually enlarge the eyes, focus their attention on the inner corners and under the eyebrows.By the way, here you may also be interested in our other article on this topic, which is called - How to increase the eye makeup.
  • To emphasize the eyebrows or raise them outside, draw highlighter under the brow line (from the middle to the temples), and then blend it (to the eyebrows look more natural).
  • lip volume and relief you can do, causing means to the lower lip and the central portion of the upper.When you spray on the lips, do so with the help of fine lines, shading them.This effect creates a more natural look.And in order to hide the wrinkles, apply the means at the minimum level.Also, do not emphasize the lips too light means, otherwise you will make your lips visually less.Color is necessary to select a tone lighter than your skin color.

Terms of Use highlighter highlighter

Use in moderation, do not apply the tool directly on the area of ​​all of the above, so as not to overload the face, otherwise it will look like a brilliant mask.Remember that the cream is better to cause the liquid texture, but the funds are used on top of powdery pudry.Dlya oily skin and the presence of wrinkles in areas where it will be applied means, choose highlighter with the least amount of shimmering particles.The same rule applies to women with enlarged pores on the face.But not recommended for use in various skin diseases highlighter.

Types highlighter

Let's see what are the highlighter.

  • liquid.It has a liquid foundation with which you can give transparency to the skin with a light glow.Liquid highlighter is very easy to apply even on large areas.
  • Cream.After application it will look like a shimmering powder, and the difference - at the base, because here it is creamy.
  • shimmering powder.Suitable for use on large areas (neck area), has a number of shades, the bundle includes a brush for blush.
  • Compact.Available in several colors.Easy to use, when you want to put on the face several shades.
  • colored balls.This solution is very economical, as applied for décolleté.Balls will give your skin an even tone and improve color.In normal skin, they will fit and as powder, and for oily or combination should be applied on top of the ordinary powder.

Well, that's all;knowing the technique applying the highlighter, you can make your face "glamorous".And in order to become more familiar with the technique of applying highlighter, see a video tutorial.