How to apply blush ?

How to apply blush ?

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How to apply blush?

Blush - not only refreshes the face, help to hide some defects of the skin, balance the makeup, but also beneficial to help simulate the shape of the face.

main thing - is the ability to properly apply blush.

To begin, select the texture of blush: they are dry and creamy.

Dry blush more popular, as are suitable for all skin types.However, beauticians recommend to use them to girls with oily skin, because thanks to its light texture it is easily applied to the skin without clogging pores.Apply blush to be dry with the help of a thick round brush, over the powder.

Cream Blush beauticians recommend to use the girls with dry skin, as a large number of wetting agents is part of the Rouge, which facilitates their application to dry skin, and more useful.Apply cream blush should be either a sponge or fingertips directly on the tonal foundation.Then they tend to slightly powdered.

It is very important to consider when choosing a blush color of your skin and hair, not to be mistaken with a touch.

  • girl with fair skin makeup artists recommend using the cool shades of blush, such as pink or purple-pink.
  • By tanned skin fit the darker tone, ideally will look with a touch of blush copper.
  • Blondes recommended to use apricot and coral tones.
  • dark-haired girl is advantageous to use shades of brown.
  • girl with red hair blush fit well with orange or yellow undertones.

Beige pink and apricot blush - are versatile and suitable for almost everyone, they are very refreshing color and enliven the face.

When applying blush - it is very important not to overdo it.If you notice that the cheekbones or cheeks stand out too, then you repaint.With dry blush no problems, they can be a little powder on top and remove the superfluous layer with a brush.But the cream or liquid blush is necessary to wash off and apply again.

If you decide favorably to model the shape of your face, you need to take into account the type and make-up artists to follow these guidelines:

How to apply blush in accordance with the shape of the face.

  • If you have an oval face - blush should be applied from the bottom up and highlight cheekbones.
  • If you have a round face type - Apply blush elongated triangle from the temples to the corners of the lips.
  • If you have a square face type - make-up artists recommend to apply blush from the temples to the nose.
  • If you have elongated shape of the face - blush should be applied horizontally on the cheekbones.
  • broad face can be corrected, if along the border areas with hair, sideburns and cheeks external sites do not cause too dark blush.

Using blush can be corrected and the shape of the nose:

  • Long nose, you can visually make shorter, if the tip of the strike and grind a little dark blush.
  • wide nose will look more narrow, if you put a little rouge on his wings.

Also, there are several types of rouge, which is not used in everyday life.For example: with the addition of rouge shiny pearlescent particles.These rouge make the skin shimmering and suitable for evening makeup.Widespread blush-bronzer, which help emphasize the tan.They have been applied as a rule to have tanned skin, light on such blush will not look.

You can also see how to apply blush on the video.