Can I take a hot bath ?

Many of us love to bask in the hot tub, especially when it's cold outside, but warm as a bath and relax.Use a hot bath is known to all.The only thing that you should not take it, sinking completely, and lie in it for hours.Bath tones, relaxes, improves health, disinfects.But is it always a hot water bath, you can take?

no secret that many of us sin frequently self-medicate.We love the variety of traditional therapies, which advised us to friends and neighbors, and if something hurts, try to warm the affected area dry heat or hot tub.And sometimes such treatment brings us to the hospital.So is it possible to take a hot bath with certain diseases?

When cold

hot tub with a cold may be helpful.The temperature in the hot water bath must be at the same 37-38 degrees.You can add water or broth of herbs mustard.With prolonged or protracted bronchitis tracheitis this bath helps sputum discharge.Such a bath is best taken at night and after going to bed.However, there are contraindications to the procedure.

hot tub at a body temperature above 37 degrees is contraindicated, since hot water can cause an even greater increase in body temperature.Also, do not treat bath with hypertension, heart problems.


Hot Tubs in cystitis doctors are not recommended.This medication can cause deterioration of the disease, increase the growth of bacteria - pathogens can raise body temperature.Cystitis can be done hot foot bath, and then only in the case when you are recommended by a physician.

Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids

unpleasant thing, and nekazhdy go with this disease to the doctor, but in vain.Many treat hemorrhoids hot tubs with tincture and decoction of various herbs.These baths relieve pain, promote blood flow to the node, reduce inflammation and itching.But do not carry out the procedure in very hot water, better to let the water is 35-37 degrees.

When monthly

Many women, who like baths, concerned about whether you can take a hot bath during menstruation.Bath when the water temperature 34-36 degrees promotes relaxation, relieves pain, especially if you add in her aromatic oils, decoction of chamomile or peppermint.Too hot water can increase blood circulation to the uterus and increase the intensity of the discharge, which is not very good.

When pregnancy

If in the course of your pregnancy is all right, then you can take a bath.What matters is that the water was unheated, and the stay does not exceed 15 minutes in it.Hot Tub as well as steaming legs, can cause miscarriage, so be extremely careful.


As women and men are general restrictions for receiving a hot bath, associated with a general medical condition.However, if a man is planning a child, you should refrain from taking hot baths, as hot water negatively affects the maturation of sperm.

In summary, we can say that the hot tubs are useful, but not all and not always.So take care of your health and do not self-medicate.