It can be in the bath was a child ?

It can be in the bath was a child ?

child takes a bath better if his mother visited her at gestation.In this case, the baby it will be the usual load.In infancy (starting at 3 months), children can already go to the bath with his mother.Prior to this, be sure to consult your pediatrician.If your child has a heart problem, the aggravation of colds, kidney disease, a bath should be postponed.In oncology, epilepsy bath procedures are contraindicated.

Preparation and contraindications

If you take a child in a bath for the first time, you need to prepare in advance of it.Practice at home cool refreshment, rubbing a towel, air baths.If a kid an adult, 3-4 years, explain to him that this room as there is interesting, ask for help to collect the necessary things.The pair do not store the child - of course, if he had learned to walk.Better to use a kind of psychological moment that the child feel more confident and able to get to know a new place, open it for yourself.

Bath for baby: Requirements for beginners

Also, there are certain requirements for temperature and humidity conditions.For the first time in the steam room temperature should not be higher than 80 degrees, and the time spent in no more than a minute.For grudnika it should be reduced to at least half a minute.Gradually bring the residence time of 5-10 minutes.Humidity should not exceed 10% - excellent, if the pair is a device by which it can be tracked.The first time a fake good broom, he is the most bland, or oak - a beneficial effect on the nervous system.To strengthen the immune system select birch.Check the condition of the child - when a complaint or paleness, weakness or bad mood, warming must be stopped.

After steam obleyte kid prepared with water - if it is the first time, warm, and if you already used - and can be cold.In winter, snow is useful to become powdered.After - leisure, two times longer residence time in the steam room.Prepare a herbal tea - mint, for example, or a sage.The child will calm down and relax.

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