What to do if exfoliate nails ?

What to do if exfoliate nails ?

Neat girl is always watching the beauty of its handles.This means that her nails are not only beautiful manicure, and shine health.Healthy nails are strong in our time do not occur at every step.Ecology, poor diet and hectic lifestyle of the modern woman - all affect the skin, hair and nails.

What to do if exfoliate nails

As we already mentioned, the causes of nail delamination lie in state in our body:

  • metabolic disorder,
  • decreased immunity,
  • stress,
  • fatigue,
  • poor circulation,
  • accumulation of toxins in the body.

But there are, and external causes of the poor condition of the nails:

  • manicure procedure is done in violation of the basic rules,
  • cleaners household chemicals are used without gloves.

We are going to restore the health of nails both on the outside and on the inside!To sloilis nails do not need to take into account all the factors that affect their condition.

Sloyatsya nails - strengthening them from the inside

  1. you obviously do not have enough vitamins and minerals.To not sloilis nails and not break eat more apples, bananas, prunes and dried apricots, these foods make up for deficiency of potassium in the body.Good eating foods rich in zinc such as pumpkin seeds.
  2. complex vitamins is better to buy from a pharmacy.Also, there are 2 times a week, seaweed, various seafood, honey and walnuts.They contain a lot of iodine, which is essential for a good nail growth.Now you really need a B vitamin that is present in wheat bran, in the greenery.

Ambulance, what to do if exfoliate nails

  1. So as soon as you notice flaking, you need to file immediately peel off place.Thus the nail can not peel off even further.
  2. if exfoliate nails, so they need to be strengthened to ensure food and moisturize the nail plate.To do this, after the manicure (podpilki exfoliated place) must be lubricated every nail cream or oil.
  3. usual lacquer painted nails are not recommended at the time when they are sick (exfoliate).Case better protective enamel nail plate, which treats nails and protects them from external harmful effects.
  4. Bath for nails with iodine and oil.The container, place 1 cup very warm water, dissolve the iodine in it (1 teaspoon with 5% tincture), add vegetable oil (2 tablespoons).Now, all mixed thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mass.Dip your nails into a warm bath and soak in it for 15 minutes.
  5. Salt bath for nails is also an excellent way to combat this problem, a bundle of nails.After a nail cure, do it once a week for prevention.Dissolve in sea water or common salt and the water temperature is 37 degrees though.Keep your nails in a salt bath for 15-20 minutes.During treatment, nail follow the procedure 3 times a week for 10 days.
  6. If you know that your nails are weak and can exfoliate, we advise you in the future not to violate certain rules manicure ... Use nail polish remover without acetone, otherwise the nails would strongly withered.Always walk with painted nails bad, let's break nails in 5 days.A pause must be at least two days.
  7. When you file nails, follow the movement in one direction only to avoid small cracks in the nails.Keep a nail file from the edge to the center, using long flapping motion.Let the nail will not be sharp, polish edge.Least of all the nails or broken when polukvadratnoy oval shape.
  8. The wizard stores know exactly what to do if exfoliate nails.But we'll show you how you can make healing poultice.Mix 70 g of water, 5 grams of alum and 25 grams of glycerin.

If nails exfoliate every day, we recommend you before going to bed every day to rub the hands and nails of any nutritious cream.The nails become stronger, if often rub them in vegetable oil and lemon juice.Also recall that washing dishes, washing clothes or doing chores around the house can be only when wearing gloves.Be careful with household chemicals, when you exfoliate nails.