Bath : how to bathe ?

Bath : how to bathe ?

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Bath: how to bathe?

Steam treatments, massage broom, sauna or bath, it seems ordinary and simple things.But, in fact, is how to properly steamed, considered a whole science, which began to develop even at the beginnings of the first saunas and baths, and not only the Finnish or Russian, but also all the others, which are known to date.Therefore, without knowing what the room is properly steamed, how to behave in such a place, you can read the article and learn about everything.

General guidelines and principles

  • Banja rejects fuss.It is best to make several visits to the steam room, with breaks in between, followed by long rest at the end.
  • should not go to a bath after eating the food.It is better to wait a couple of hours and then steamed.
  • steamed, and drink alcohol is undesirable, as it creates an additional burden on the body, and could end in tears.
  • Do not continue steamed if you feel unwell.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the sauna.
  • After each session in the sauna before a dip in the pool, you need to take a shower, to observe hygiene.

We now consider in more detail how to bathe in a bath.Video, of course, can tell you all the more vivid colors, but the text is remembered better.

Finnish sauna

very popular in our area enjoys is this kind of a bath.Its distinguishing feature is the high temperature combined with low humidity.Finnish sauna can be characterized by dry steam and the temperature sometimes greater than 100 degrees.In the sauna, as well as in any bath, there are certain rules of soaring.

  • first approach is to heat.The body needs to adapt to high temperatures.Initially, do not rise to the top shelf and it is better to lie down.Over time, you can move to the next height shelves.Once you have a good propotel, exit the sauna and relax for 10-15 minutes.
  • in the Finnish sauna, the addition of water on the rocks is limited or completely eliminated.Add water as possible, if the humidity in the steam room became unbearably slow.In this case, no water is added to the stones and the ceiling or wall vzbryzgivaya them.The exception to this are the extracts of medicinal plants, such as eucalyptus.They can pour the stone, as the volume of fluid is not so big.
  • The Finnish sauna broom is not used, and just sweat, lying or sitting on the shelves of varying heights.As mentioned the first call for heating, are in the steam room 5-6 minutes, then take a cool shower and relax.Subsequent visits may already be of longer duration.Depending on your health, they may vary between 5 and 20 minutes, with an interval therebetween condition.After each guy taking a cold shower, reducing the temperature of the soul over and over again.Between the approaches need to drink a small amount of liquid in small sips.Drink do not have a cold, mineral water or tea.So it is possible to provide copious sweat.
  • When you visit a Finnish sauna, it is worth considering that the air is very hot and dry, so breathe only through the nose, because when the air passes through the nasal passages, it is humidified and cooled.Besides all this, the head should be put on a hat, usually wool or felt hat.This is done in order to prevent drying of the head hair and overheating.

Turkish bath

main feature Turkish baths are warmed benches, walls and floor.In the steam room there is mild and humid, similar to fog pairs.Usually it is not hot, about 55 degrees, and it is often flavored.What is a Turkish bath, a photo of its special features, and the main differences you can see on the network.Steam Bath, on the basis of their construction are similar to the palm, they have five niches around the main steam.The temperature rises in a recess in the order of 50-60 degrees to the first, and to more than a hundred of the latter.In a waiting room temperature is maintained at 30 degrees.People here are heated.In the center of the steam room is a large stone-lounger, which soared, lying on his stomach.

in the Turkish bath are three pools at different temperatures for the water from the cold and to hot.Starting procedures, good warming up, then you visit all the niches in the steam room, changing to a hotter with breaks and rest.After that, go to the central stone, watering it with hot water and good propotevaete.It is also a prerequisite for Turkish baths considered massage.Once you have visited the steam room, it is his turn.The massage should be relaxing and at the same time intense.

After the massage, you wash in the shower with abundant foam.Once you obmylis you access to the pool, from the hot to the cold and in the end.As soared in the Russian bath as zaparivat broom for a bath, you can learn by reading one more our article dedicated to our people the sauna: "How to bathe in a Russian bath?".