What your nails grow faster?

What your nails grow faster?

rate of growth and the quality of the nails are always individual and depends on the physiological characteristics, lifestyle, nutrition and many other factors.On average, the nail should grow up in a week for one to two millimeters.But if your nails grow slowly, this can be combated.What your nails grow faster?

How quickly grow nails

The beauty salon offers a procedure for paraffin.It is that the nails and cuticle is covered with heated wax or paraffin, which are intended for cosmetic purposes.They improve the circulation and enable a fingernail to obtain the necessary amount of oxygen, respectively, nails grow faster.a variety of baths also help nails grow quickly.

Baths polish

offering you several options, choose any.

Pour into a bowl of olive oil and add a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice, a little warm up and then lower to the fingertips so that the oil solution completely covers the nails.Hold for five minutes and wipe with a towel or cloth to wash off it is not necessary.

Dissolve in hot water a few tablespoons of sea salt.This bath your nails should take about twenty minutes, then smear the hands of any nutritious cream.Yes, do not forget to wipe off the nail polish.

After smeared hand cream at night, do massage the hands and nails.It promotes better blood circulation, improve skin and promotes the growth of nails.

When doing manicure, never use scissors.Only nail file, and do not iron.It is best to use a crystal nail file manicure.Try to file nails, moving in one direction - so you do not irritate the nail polish fibers remain intact.Weekly file nails a couple of millimeters.

Mix hand cream with red pepper, heat in a water bath and rub into the nails once a month.Nails should not be varnished.

can rub into your nails olive, burdock oil and jojoba oil.They nourish the nail plate, making the nails strong, shiny, and promote rapid growth.

Each pharmacy sells wax polish.He is about thirty rubles, and operates smoothly.Apply it on the nails and skin around the nails.With him not only the nails grow fast, but also will become smooth.The fact that the wax fills the irregularities and the wound not only on the nail but also on the cuticle.This is a very pleasant procedure, which makes your hands manicured and young.

dip a cotton swab into the bottle with iodine and spread nails.Do not worry that your nails remain yellow.All iodine is absorbed within 15 minutes.And when iodine ceases to be absorbed, then it would mean that he had enough of your nails.Do not do it often.Just one or two times a month.


review Monitor your diet.If the nails stopped growing, then you definitely do not have enough calcium.Drink more milk and eat cheese and sea fish;fresh fruits and berries.Take your vitamins with a high calcium content.Just remember that if you take calcium, in this period is necessary to strengthen the physical exercise to assimilate it correctly.

I hope it is not necessary to say that we should not try to podkovyrnut or discover something nails, there are special tools.In addition, bad influences on the growth and condition of nails high keyboard.If you have a lot of typing every day, change it to low.And you stop pounding the keyboard fingernails, breaking them.