How to evening makeup ?

How to evening makeup ?

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How to evening makeup?

Evening make-up - it is a kind of art.It differs from the day of its complexity and richness.Not every girl is doing it correctly and beautifully.Some people think that if dark outside, any makeup will look great, most importantly, that it was as much as possible.And what happens?It is better not to see.Let us not be among those who unknowingly painted so that instead of a face obtained by a layer of plaster, and for that we learn how to make the evening make-up.

small nuance

To begin with, let us be clear on one simple thing.You can not simultaneously select and eyes and lips.Selecting have one thing, if you do not want to look as artificial doll.A truly beautiful literate makeup - it's not the quantity but the quality of the cosmetics.

Evening make-up stages

  • Cleansing the skin.
  • Moisturize the skin.
  • Camouflage problem areas.
  • Application tonal framework.
  • Make all parts of the face.

is better to prepare in advance all you need.Select tools that fit your skin shades that you are, and imagine what image you want to receive.Think about eye makeup.You can opt for sequins, bright shades, even the color of mascara can be used.The most important rule - do not overreact.You must make your eyes alluring - but not vulgar, disturbing - and not repulsive.

Pretreatment facial

First prepare the skin.Clean your face from dust, daily makeup, dirt, pieces of which were during the day.To do this, use the special make-up remover lotion and tonic.Next, you should apply a moisturizer.To hide the bumps on the skin and give it a glow effect, apply a base under make-up.


beautiful evening makeup and messy eyebrows - concepts incompatible.Not in vain, in a French evening make-up value was beautiful eyebrows and even skin tone.Do not take this into account, and your make-up will look untidy and unfinished.If you use a pencil, then remember:

  • It must be well sharpened and see to it that it was hard enough.
  • Do not use eyeliner, if you fail the eyebrows.
  • Never make continuous long line.Strokes should be with short to paint every hair.
  • pencil color should be the same as the color of your eyebrows can be a little darker.

Summing brow shadows, be careful with the brightness.It is better to place the applicator several times the line to the desired intensity than once spoil everything and start over the whole makeup.

Alluring eyes carcasses

eyes can tell about a person so much.It is important to be able to tint them so that it was appropriate in any situation and environment.Suit different shade, with different shades, combinations of colors, even with sparkles, but only if you follow a few tips:

  • Always keep in mind your tsvetotip when pick a shade of shadows.
  • Do not forget the eye make-up, no matter how gorgeous he was, must be compatible with your style in clothes and dress themselves.
  • Remember also about the hairstyle, make-up and should be combined with her too.
  • internal corners of the eyes are intended for light shades.
  • Under the eyebrows using light colors to create a better highlight it visually increase and open eyes.

Eyeliner can you and fail.With it, you have to be very careful, because it is designed to clear the strict lines that make no preliminary training is hardly possible.If you do decide to, then do not make it too long or high arrows.Of course, use waterproof mascara is better to keep it from crumbling and held until the end of the party.

Evening makeup for gray eyes gray eyes

fit different make-up, but there are certain rules:

  • If you have a warm skin tone, you'll like sand, golden, bronze make-up range.So you put the focus on your eyes.
  • Cold shades: turquoise, blue, pink, green, emphasize the complexion.
  • If you have cold skin hue and want to focus attention on this, choose warm shades.

Do not repeat the shade of the iris in the accuracy and do not use too bright shadows to your eyes did not lose expressiveness.

Evening make-up for brown eyes

For brown eyes suit almost all shades of shadow, start from the main color of your hair, eyes and skin.Here are the color shades that will suit you perfectly:

  • Black,
  • Lilac,
  • Silver,
  • Bronze Gold,
  • Dark brown,
  • Pink,
  • Green,
  • Sand,
  • Beige.

Evening make-up for green eyes

Zelenookim beauties suitable shade of chocolate brown and shades of gold and copper.Also it looks good with green eyes and gamma reddish purple hues.Now I know how to make the evening eye makeup.Photos, which are full of internet pages, to help you choose the right way.Then proceed to the lips.


first need to cover the lips with powder or creams.So their path will be easy to correct.Pencil draw a contour line and can hatch them the entire surface of the lips.Brush apply lipstick.All just remove excess tissue.Then with the help of clear gloss on the lips, add highlights.Done!

Evening make-up for blondes Blondes

recommend give up too bright colors and opt for blush and shades of pastel colors.Shadows Choose:

  • Blue,
  • Gray,
  • Violet,
  • Pink,
  • metallic colors.

Cosmetologists believe that blondes are not suitable black eyeliner and too black eyebrow pencil, it is better to use gray or brown eyebrow pencil.

evening makeup for brunettes

  • should not think that girls with dark hair is more suited bright flashy makeup.Although, if you have brown eyes, you is allowed.Pastel colors you will not fit.Use green, chocolate brown and coffee scale.
  • If you are the owner of the bright, black or dark-blue eyes, use a dark shade of red, purple, silver or gray shades.
  • Brunettes can emphasize the eyes with arrows.Draw their eyeliner or pencil.Bulk or lengthening mascara will make your eyes even more charming and complete your unique image.

Evening make-up for the red

  • redhead can use eyeliners brown, dark blue and black.Liquid eyeliner will make your eyes brighter.
  • Shadows Pick up rich green or blue tint.Well look golden, chocolate, beige and olive tones.Do not experiment with snow-white, purple, crimson and turquoise shades.It is better to try pearl, they will look at you very effectively.Red-haired
  • recommended ink purple and brown colors, but you can use the black and in the evening make-up.

Be creative, experiment, and you will be able to make a compelling evening eye makeup.Video and master-classes, which are today quite a lot, can help you to make your image even more original.