Ingrowing nail is : what to do ?

Ingrowing nail is : what to do ?

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ingrowing nail is: what to do?

Ingrown nail - this is very painful.What if the nail grows?On why this problem occurs and how to fight it at home, we shall now describe.

Causes of ingrown nails

At the heart of such diseases as ingrown nail (ingrown nail in one or both edges of the nail fold) may be the following reasons:.

  • Uncomfortable shoes - closed shoes, boots, ballet flats, etc., which put pressure on the fingers (for example, shoes with very narrow noses).
  • injury.This is how injuries as a result of injuries, frostbite and burns, and injuries that the fingers and the nails get out of the uncomfortable shoes.
  • Fungal infections.They make the legs more dense, coarse, which is why they are often traumatized skin.As a result, bacteria actively proliferate, which contribute to the development of inflammatory reactions in the epidermis nail area.
  • hereditary factor, in particular, congenital abnormality with the finger strain.
  • Improper nail clipping.One of the simplest, but the most common cause of ingrown nail when the nail is cut too short and very deep shear his side portions.

Depending on what triggered ingrown nail, it is possible to solve the problem one way or another.

How to treat an ingrown nail?

If the problem has not yet reached its peak, you can try to fix it on their own.In this case, you will need to act immediately in three directions:

  • to stop the pain;
  • reduce inflammation;
  • release from the nail tissue.

To do this, you can do the following:

  • Take during the manipulation of the nail tablets painkillers common action - for example, "ibuprofen".
  • do various baths and lotions to soften the nail and relieve inflammation.
  • After the bath need to try to put under the nail rolled a tiny piece of cotton or a roller bandage, a folded piece of paper or a piece of toothpick.Then lock all the bandage and leave for a few hours - it is better to do it before going to bed and leave overnight.This manipulation will cause severe pain, but otherwise get rid of the problems on their own forces did not succeed.Prerequisite: all the tools and materials to perform this procedure, as well as the hands and nails must be very carefully handled antiseptic!For example, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, alcohol.

Traditional recipes for baths with ingrown nail

  • Soda solution.In 3 liters of warm water, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda.Macerate nail in the bath in the solution for 20-30 minutes approximately.You can also add a solution of herbs: St. John's wort, chamomile, etc.
  • Butter..Take a rubber fingertip (or condom), put a small amount of soft butter in it and put it on a sore thumb.A few hours later you can begin to raise the ingrown nail plate.
  • Aloe.Cut a small piece of aloe leaf, clean from skin and finely crumble.Dilute the slurry a small amount of warm water and apply on the affected nail.On top of the parchment or foil and secure the bandage.Leave for several hours / overnight.Then try to bring out of the ingrown nail.
  • Kombucha.Allow the plant to brew.Take a small piece of mushroom and put it on the ingrown nail.On top of the paper or film.Also leave for several hours, preferably overnight.

Note that when daily household procedures with bath, antibacterial treatments, and release the nail out from under the skin treatment will last at least 14 days, until the nail grows back is not a safe length.Next, you need to pay attention to the prevention of the disease - that is, to avoid the factors that could trigger a re-growth.

In cases with advanced disease, as well as any infection, severe inflammation, hereditary factor, it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately!

Preventing ingrown nail

to you has never been ingrown nails, follow prevention rules.

  • for prolonged daily wear only choose comfortable shoes from natural materials.Fingers and nails should not feel pressure.Prefer soft shoes on the size of leather, suede, shoes with open toes.Avoid models with narrowed noses.
  • Do not cut the nails too short.Cut a straight line and straight sharp scissors.Cut away or deep shear angles can not polish.
  • serious approach to the problem of fungal nail infections.Treat them with the help of qualified specialists and it is desirable not only to external agents, but also by special antifungal drugs for oral administration.
  • If there was at least a hint of the fact that the nail grows, immediately carry out the procedure for lifting it.Let the nail as it should grow back and then stop the procedure.

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