How do makeup ?

How do makeup ?

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How do makeup?

Deciding to go on holiday Halloween you need to take care not only about the dress, but also makeup.After all, without your image will be incomplete.Make Halloween makeup can independently using cosmetics and paints, as well as observing a number of rules that are announced below.

rules laying makeup on Halloween

Before doing makeup on the face of this holiday, consider the following:

  1. lip and eye make-up should be done either dark very bright and saturated.
  2. skin color should be pale, to give a person a "lifeless".
  3. Blush should be applied with extreme delicacy or completely reject them.
  4. maximum horrifying image will make colored contact lenses that have a bright irises and small pupils.
  5. It is worth creating scars on the skin, which will make your look even more scary and believable.To learn how to properly set up, you can learn from our article - How to make a scar.
  6. Use for makeup can not only cosmetics, but also special akvagrimy a paint designed for body art.

Creating makeup cat-woman

to make a spectacular and memorable makeup cat-woman, proceed as follows:

  1. Draw the cat's eyes.Take a thin brush and black paint or eyeliner, and then perform a broad arrow on the outer side of the eye to the nose.Then emphasize the lower eyelid.Green liquid paint shadows or make a line along the lower eyelid.Gray paint shade the line along the lower edge of the eye.The final touch - the application of the volume of black mascara on her eyes.
  2. Make eyebrows.Highlight of gray paint or pencil, you need to create a broad band, which should go on the temporal area of ​​the nose and wings.Then draw a line from the middle of the nose to the eyebrows.
  3. Make strips.Draw them on the forehead, chin and cheeks.Please make them with black paint and then paint on white liquid shadows on strips of hair (take frequent strokes).
  4. Make nose.Take the black paint and mix with a small amount of white.Apply it with a wide brush on the wings of the nose, and then blend thoroughly.At the tip of the nose make circular strokes.Under it, draw a cat's cheeks, using the rounded lines.Dim little nasolabial folds, and then put the white and black points and draw long lines, as a result, you will get a mustache.
  5. Make lips.Take a small brush and gray paint, then paint the lips.But be sure to leave the middle of a pink to create a simulation of the cat's tongue.

very effectively becomes the Joker make-up for the upcoming Halloween.In it you will take a little time.Detailed instructions for the establishment of such a make-up is presented in our other article - How to Make the Joker.