How to bathe in a Russian bath ?

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How To steam in the Russian bath?

Russian bath maintained its tradition to the present time.Russian bath - it's not just a place for personal hygiene, but also a reflection of our culture.Foreigners arriving in Russia, are often willing to learn how to bathe in a Russian bath.Even the Russian summer regularly elected to the country or to the country to experience the features of national culture, improve yourself and relax body and soul.

The useful steam in the Russian bath

Firstly, Russian bath - the best cleanser for the face and body skin.The reason lies in the fact that the steam washing and massage bath broom affect the increase of the sebaceous and sweat glands, promote blood circulation and metabolism.Our skin in the Russian bath is very deep cleaned of grease and sweat.And for owners of problematic skin (acne, acne) Russian bath with a broom is particularly useful.In fresh sauna broom contains volatile, ie volatile substances that have a bactericidal effect, that is necessary for problem skin.Any tree species suitable for the bath broom.

Second, when a person steamed in a Russian bath, due to this procedure stimulates the whole organism, sauna has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.Russian bath enhances immunity, increased blood flow, increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood, the number of erythrocytes and leukocytes.

How to bathe in a Russian bathhouse

  1. Before you go to the steam room, a person needs 2 -3 minutes to pour warm water.
  2. in the steam room should be included in the header, it is desirable that it was with the fields.This cap moisten with water before each call to the steam room.
  3. first time need to go to the steam room for 5 minutes, no more.2 -3 minutes to spend on the lower bench, and the rest - lie on top.
  4. In breaks between calls in a steam room hosed water.
  5. In the second and third set to take a broom.Total time in a Russian bath should not exceed 2 hours.
  6. to wash in the bath with soap should be at the very end.Otherwise, it will wash away all the fat from the skin, which is intended to protect the skin from drying steam.
  7. correctly steam in the Russian bath needed an assistant.At the beginning of stroking broom feet, legs, buttocks, arms from the hands to the neck, and then in the opposite direction.Then use shtrihoobraznye movement broom on the back, buttocks and legs.
  8. Roll over on your back, lie down there for a minute - two, then repeat the previous step.
  9. Finally, proceed to main prihlestyvaniyu, during which the broom is pressed for a few seconds to the body.