Why grow a fingernail on the little finger ?

Why grow a fingernail on the little finger ?

Our life is very interesting and informative.So many different characteristics and habits formed in humans, which at the moment is very difficult to imagine anyone not initiated into some sort of an interesting problem.We are in our today's article will focus on the causes of the nail on the little finger otraschivaniya.As it turned out there is a huge number of reasons.Let's talk about why grow a fingernail on the little finger.So:

nail on his little finger.Privilege or necessity?

There are a number of reasons why some people grow a fingernail on the little finger.Let's start with the Western tradition.In the era of the cocaine racket proliferation, drug addicts and dealers need, so to speak, in the natural measure of the substance.It is such a tool, and made a little finger nail.Dire need of metered dose of the magic powder, poured it on the little finger.It was very convenient and secretly, as a result led to the emergence of cocaine that measure, which was called Nail ( "nail" in a translation from English).

In the days of the French bourgeoisie, as we know, there was a huge in scope and highly detailed etiquette behavior aristocrat.According to this code it was made not to knock on the door if you want to go, and gently scrape with a fingernail.For these purposes, and to grow the nail on the little finger of the hand.

Another tradition that came to us from the 18th century is due, this time, for obvious reasons.The fact is that in those days there was no Internet and correspondence was carried out through letters.Many gentlemen have large volumes of correspondence, which made them every day to open all new envelopes from their fans, lovers give or business partners.For the opening of the envelope grew their little finger nail on a particular hand.

"Katale" or card tricksters necessarily had to have a long fingernail to turning their tricks.As you know, earlier card games have been quite common in all strata of society.Many people, as if the children watched and imitated skilful deceivers.Cards are gone, but what remains a tradition to grow nails.

listed reasons otraschivaniya little finger nail - this is the most common causes of the past.At the moment, people who grow a fingernail on the little finger can be considered by those who follow the belief that a person must be original.