How to grow your nails ?

How to grow your nails ?

Manicured hands with a nice manicure - this is an important attribute of the style of a real woman.However, to grow long nails is not easy, because a number of factors affect the health of nails and a fortress.

What determines the growth of nails?

  • Health.Accumulate under the nail and cuticle area to prevent bacteria nail health.Therefore, if you want to grow your nails, start with the simplest - with hand hygiene.
  • body's health.Violations of the internal systems and organs negatively affect the appearance, including the state of the nails.If the person is not healthy, it is usually thin, brittle nails that are very difficult to grow.
  • season.In winter nails grow more slowly than in the warmer months.This is dictated by the decrease in the number entering the body of vitamins.
  • correct manicure.This includes the quality of the coatings, caregiver resources, and literacy sawing and cutting nails.Too aggressive impact on the questionable liquid composition for removing paint and varnish themselves detrimental effect on the growth of nails.
  • Temperature drops.Hot or, on the contrary, ice water, and walk in the freezing cold without gloves adversely affect the condition of the skin and nail plates.
  • chemical and mechanical stimuli.It is, first of all, various household chemicals, as well as some aggressive action on products such as hair dyes.Getting on the skin and nails, they transmit harmful chemicals that dried fabric is washed from them useful elements.By mechanical action may include, for example, typing on the keyboard nails rather than fingertips, or, for example, the habit of biting his nails.

Even compliance with the above rules are not always enough to ensure that your nails have begun to actively grow.Then you need to add more complex and caring measures.

How to care for the nails?

following techniques and ways to help you quickly grow and improve the nails.


This inclusion in the diet of all the necessary nutrients and the use of special caring nail polish - "Smart enamel."The most useful hand will be the following vitamins: A (found in carrots, butter, liver), C (citrus fruits), B (milk, eggs, greens), E (meat, vegetable oil and butter, greens).zinc (bananas) are also needed by the body, iron (apples, buckwheat) and calcium (dairy products).

  • Baths with sea salt.In 2 cups of warm water dissolve 15-20 grams of salt, add a few drops of iodine.Lower fingers in the solution for 15 minutes.Repeat 2-3 times a week.It can be used simply and iodized salt - in this case there will be a risk of staining in iodine nail brown.
  • with soda.In a glass of warm water dissolve 1 tablespoon of baking soda.Lower fingertips into the solution for 15 minutes.After that, wash your hands and fingers grease cream.You can also be repeated several times a week.
  • With lemon.In a glass of water, add the juice of half a lemon.At 10 minutes in the lower liquid fingertips.You can make and easy: Cut a lemon in half and put half in the tips of the fingers, hold 2-3 minutes.Also, you can simply wipe with a piece of lemon nails, cuticles.After the procedure, always apply to the skin nourishing cream.

Treatment paraffin

This procedure can be performed in the salon and at home.The gist of it is applied to the cuticle warm cosmetic wax.It increases blood circulation and therefore promotes healing of tissue.

Perfect for this purpose natural beeswax - it can be bought in the market at the beekeepers.To make the procedure better at night.For this first wax must melt in a water bath, and then lower it to the fingertips for a few minutes.After that, remove your hands and wait until the wax hardens.Wear cosmetically gloves and go to bed, or at least leave so hands for 2-3 hours.Provided the procedure daily within 7-10 days you will notice a tangible result.

It should be understood that the nails grow week by more than 1-2 mm, you even when all of the above conditions is unlikely, since these figures are the norm for the human body.On the other hand, this figure is very good, because in 2-3 weeks your nails with this growth rate will be much longer!

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