How do your nails ?

How do your nails ?

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How do your nails?

All the girls want to have beautiful, well-groomed hands.There is no need to spend money on a manicure salon, where you can take care of their own nails at home.

remove old varnish

To remove the old varnish layer, it is best to use a special liquid.Do not use acetone for this.It has a negative effect on the nails and skin.So, wash off with nail polish consistently at all.After this, we cleanse them from the traces of varnish or enamel, which can remain after the first wipe.

nail clippings properly

To date, a significant shortening of nails made use of forceps, which are almost completely replaced the scissors if necessary.Remember that you can not cut corners of the nails deep.This can lead to inflammation.When cutting the nail do not forget about the need to give him the right path.This will greatly facilitate the process of modeling nail file.

How to make beautiful nails

If your nails need only slight shortening, you can use only nail file.Formation is carried out in the end of the procedure, picking up at the same time one of the favorite options.It is best to give your nails an oval shape, it is practical, effective, and looks the most natural.If your nails are, by nature long and narrow, it is necessary to shorten them, while avoiding the pointed ends;In case where nails are short and round, it is necessary to lengthen them.But do not forget that too long ends can give a hand unnatural appearance.Align the edges of the nail abrasive sawing.Swipe your fingertip along the edge of the nail to check the result.If the work is done well, the region will be completely smooth.Smoothes fine brush slightest irregularity for a perfect result.Your saw blade should not touch in the treatment of nails and subungual skin roller.

Once you have finished forming the edge of the nail, dip hands in the tub with warm, soapy water.It is possible to add a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide (about 1 ml.).Such bath will cleanse the skin from pollution, gently whiten nicotine patches, if you smoke, soften the skin surrounding the nail and disinfects wounds incurred in the processing of nails.Then the nails can be cleaned using soapy water

  • sticks with a swab,
  • sponge,
  • wool,
  • brush from soft nylon,

Do not use a nail file to this procedure to avoid damage to the nail surfaceand skin.The skin that surrounds a fingernail, usually grows to him.Softened skin with warm water must now be coated with petroleum jelly or cream, after which it must be carefully hook with a special stick, starting from the center base of the nail.

then easily reins stick to the right and to the left, lift the skin adjacent to the nail over the entire length, but so as not to injure.Stragglers of the skin is cut with scissors or forceps, trying to edge is smooth.Do not try to cut out the skin too deeply, otherwise you can cause bleeding.The next step is a good massage fingers.Well in this case to use different firming, nourishing agents.

nail polishing

Concluding our statement will focus more on the final stage.Now you need to cover the nail varnish or polish their suede to give light shine, characterizing healthy nails.Luck is necessary to conceal the damage and polish defects.Furthermore, the varnish forms a protective shell and prevents the nails from damage.Use paint to correct congenital or acquired defects of the nail.It is equally important to choose the right nail polish colors to suit the color of your hair, makeup and clothes.Now you know how to make your nails beautiful.Beautiful nails - the main ornament of female hands.We must take care of them very carefully, do a manicure every 8-10 days.The main condition - it is absolute purity.