How to get rid of nail fungus ?

How to get rid of nail fungus ?

This disease is hard enough treatable.How to get rid of nail fungus?More recently, there were no treatment other than removal of the nail completely.But this procedure is very painful.Currently, treatment of both traditional and non-traditional has spread, and as a consequence, the treatment process is not as painful.

To overcome this infection is not difficult if you know the etymology of the disease.It is necessary to carry out nail treatment with antifungal drugs.This different antifungal ointments, creams, gels.They must be used about two or three times a day.It should be noted that the drugs is required to change every two or three weeks to prevent habituation.Such a method is relevant if the affected portion of at least fifty percent.If the contamination of a large scale, you want to start a course of treatment, which will consist of the following medications: Lamisil, grizeofulfin, orungal.

If you are more on the folk remedies soul, a good helper in the fight against the fungus is iodine.The five percent solution of iodine is necessary to process the infected nail fungus plots, all this should be done twice a day.After a number of days in the field of infection should be felt a slight burning sensation.If burning is not very strong, it means that the treatment produces the desired effect.But if the pain increases, the need to handle the nails often.The course of treatment consists of twenty days.

resist fungus can propolis.It requires a daily basis to do with tampons dvadtsatiprotsentnym propolis tincture.Thanks to him, the patient leaves the nail, and the new growing healthy.

Kombucha is a great help against the fungus.It is necessary to make a compress of tea fungus plate, wrap the package to strengthen bandage bandage and put on socks.Keep necessary all night, and treat the infected areas in the morning.They need to clean up, remove dead skin areas and lubricate the nails iodine solution.Treatment with tea fungus can cause severe pain, but the recovery occurs quickly enough.In place of the old new nail will grow soon.It needs to hold approximately five or three treatments, depending on the degree of infestation.

Excellent tool for the treatment of nail fungus - rowan leaves.This procedure need fresh leaves of mountain ash, which must be rubbed, and then apply a compress, reinforcing the bandage.

also good to use against fungal ointment Koshkin.It must be applied on the infected areas, two or three times a day for a month.

all present methods of treatment must be accompanied by leg baths.The bath should be added of potassium permanganate solution or a solution of iodine and salt.

also rubbing into the infected areas of honey has a positive effect and helps to speed up recovery.

must remember that after you have done to any of the drugs, it must be removed, he will not disappear.Therefore it is recommended to use a sterile dry wipes.

We hope that helped you, and if you suddenly find yourself nail fungus, you quickly get rid of it, you can easily.