How to get rid of burrs ?

How to get rid of burrs ?

Burrs on the fingers not only spoil the appearance of the hands, but also bring a lot of inconvenience: cling all inflamed, sore, and most importantly, a long pass, if they do not.It is about how to get rid of burrs, and discuss in this article.


burrs Burrs - a tough skin formations, which are located around the nail plate.No one can not get rid of the disease, if not to find out the reasons for its occurrence.The main cause of dry skin is a burr.It is not necessary to have dry skin, burrs can occur in a person with normal skin in cases of:

  • improper care for your hands (for example, use is not suitable for your skin type, cosmetics);
  • prolonged or repeated exposure of the skin of hands of different household tools (powder detergents);
  • Use water of poor quality;
  • beriberi;
  • Some diseases such as dysbiosis;
  • excessive heating in the houses during the winter months, and the cold outside a detrimental effect on the protective mechanisms of the skin;
  • When a man bites his nails, for example, because there are burrs in the child;
  • Errors when manicure.

Burrs: treatment

In no case can not break off or bite off burrs.Deburring - a delicate and painstaking.To do this you need the tweezers, some use scissors, but the first option is more desirable.

If a small burr, it is possible to nip off the appearance, however, is that the burr is very painful and very difficult to pick them, so it is recommended first to soften the skin, and only then taken for the removal of burrs.

can soften the skin, use a moisturizer or any other cream liberally lubricate the skin around the nail.Also, the aid will come baths for hands.Once the skin is softened, gently remove burrs, do not pull and drag them, it will only aggravate the situation.Do not cut the burr at the root, if not impossible.After removing the need to treat the wound with antibacterial agent (perfect chlorhexidine) and regularly moisturize the skin until they are healed.However, the disease is always easier to prevent than to treat, so read up on how to avoid burrs.

Burrs: prevention

  • After each contact with household cleaning products to use hand cream.
  • After the bath and use the shower cream.
  • Use gentle soap.
  • When using aggressive cleaning agents to use protective gloves.
  • not remove the cuticle yourself if you do not know how to do this.
  • Unlearning biting his nails.
  • drink vitamins.
  • winter has been particularly active care for your skin, wear mittens or gloves.
  • Periodically do baths for hands and mask.
  • Balance your diet and daily use of water daily rate.

Here's how to get rid of burrs and prevent their appearance!